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09/19/06 "Feast" World Premiere

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Judy Thorburn

Palms Casino and Resort Serves Up A World Premiere "Feast"

Las Vegas Tribune -
Las Vegas Round The Clock

The Women Film Critics Circle -
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On Tuesday evening of September 12, The Palms Casino Resort was once again the setting for a Movie World Premiere event with all the pomp, glitter and star sightings that fans love. This time it was special and personal for the Maloof brothers, owners of the resort, since their Maloof Motion Pictures movie company helped finance “Feast” the winning comedy horror film from the hit Bravo reality TV series “Project Greenlight”. The Red Carpet was laid out outside on the west entrance to the Palms where the press, photographers and throngs of fans gathered eagerly awaiting the arrival of principal players connected to the film including Project Greenlight producer Chris Moore and executive producers, superstars Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Of course, Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, a celebrity in his own right who has made an appearance in several Hollywood films, wouldn’t have missed this for the world and upon his arrival proclaimed September 12, 2006 “Feast Day” in the city of Las Vegas. The Mayor was among the VIP’s that made their way down the Red Carpet including George, Phil, Gavin and Joe Maloof, and Brenden Theatre owner Johnny Brenden. Those from the film included screenwriters Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton, director John Gulager who came with wife, actress Diane Goldner and his dad, veteran TV and film actor Clu Gulager (who bears a striking resemblance to former President Jimmy Carter). Besides Gardner and the elder Gulager who are part of the ensemble cast, other co-stars who showed up were Josh Zuckerman, Duane Whitaker and stunning Jenny Wade, each briefly stopping for a photo op. It was also great to run into two of my other favorite guys (outside of my hubby Stephen) film buffs/critics from St. George, Utah, Adam Mast, and his buddy/partner in crime (only kidding) Kevin of who drove down for this event and are always fun to be around. But, the highlight for me was getting a chance to chat, even for a briefly moment, with handsome Ben Affleck as he passed me by on his way into the screening. I congratulated Ben on his impressive role in Hollywoodland, which recently won him Best Actor award at the Venice Film Festival. He gave me a huge smile, thanked me, AND grasped my hand. Ladies, eat your heart out!

Those who were lucky enough to have a pass into the movie got to hear the director, John Gulager speak. He said, “It’s bee o being here in Las Vegas with its debut as a motion picture. I owe everything to Matt and Ben”. Producer Chris Moore was introduced and said that he was “proud of this movie. It was exciting and fun. I am proud to have my name on the movie John Gulager directed”.

Let me say that this film is a fun ride. It’s all about a group of strangers who are forced to barricade themselves inside a remote desert tavern and fight off a family of monsters that are terrorizing them. Although filled with blood, guts and gore, there is plenty of funny dialogue and outrageous silly stuff, as one by one someone falls prey to the horrific creatures. After the screening, invited guests, including yours truly, made it over to the Little Buddha restaurant for a fabulous wine, dine and mingle reception. It was a great way to complete an evening “Feast” that was served up in more ways than one. Feast will be released in theatres on September 22, and available on DVD on October 17.

Photo Gallery - Photos by Stephen Thorburn

FEAST Monster Mask

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Johnny Brenden

The Maloof Brothers with Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Johnny Brenden

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon

Mayor Oscar Goodman proclaims Sept 12 "Feast" day

Director John Gulager with veteran actor dad Clu Gulager and John's wife actress Dianer Goldner

Actress Jenny Wade

Josh Zuckerman

Screenwriters Marcus Dunston and Patrick Melton

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