Judy Thorburn

09-23-07 Planet Hollywood Hosts Red Carpet World Premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction

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Judy Thorburn

Planet Hollywood Hosts Red Carpet World Premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction

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Planet Hollywood Hosts Red Carpet World Premiere of Resident Evil: Extinction

The red carpet was laid out on Thursday evening, September 20, for Screen Gems’ Resident Evil: Extinction, the first ever World Movie Premiere to be held at Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino. As a film critic as well as entertainment reporter, I was invited to cover the red carpet, the screening and the fabulous after party.

Most of the film’s cast were in attendance and made their way down the red carpet allowing for some photo ops and a few Q & A’s with the press before entering the theatre. Those who made an appearance included a very pregnant, and glowing Milla Jovovich (without fiancé, RE writer Paul W.S. Anderson), her co-stars Ali Larter, Oded Fehr, Mike Epps, Ashanti (with rapper boyfriend, Nelly), Spencer Locke, child actors Madeline Carroll and Connor McCoy, Joe Hursley, Jason O’Mara, Matthew Marsden, Linden Ashby (with actress wife Susan Walters), and Las Vegas band Searchlight whose single “Contagious” is featured on the movie’s soundtrack. Other celebrity guests were Sylvester Stallone and wife, former model Jennifer Flavin, Amy Smart, Pamela Anderson, magician Hans Klok, Graham McTavish who co-stars with Stallone in his upcoming flick John Rambo,  and mixed martial arts fighter Frank Trigg.

 Red Carpet Photo Gallery
Photos by Stephen Thorburn

100 Alices resident evil extinction planet hollywood small
Models dressed as Alice clones from Resident Evil: Extinction

Ali Larter resident evil extinction planet hollywood 1 small
Ali Larter

Amy Smart

Ashanti and Nelly


Conner McCoy

Frank Trigg

Graham McTavish and Matthew Marsden

Graham McTavish

Magician Hans Klok and his "Beauty of Magic" lead dancer Candi Kirtz

Jason O'Mara

Joe Hursley

Susan Walters and Linden Ashby

Spencer Locke


Pamela Anderson

Oded Fehr

Oded Fehr and Milla Jovovich

Oded Fehr, Milla Jovovich and Linden Ashby

Oded Fehr, Milla Jovovich, Conner McCoy and Linden Ashby

Milla Jovovich

Mike Epps

Matthew Marsden

Madeline Carroll

Sylvester Stallone and wife Jennifer Flavin



After the screening, my husband Stephen and I, along with other invited guests, headed upstairs to the spacious outdoor After Party where there were tables and tables of fabulous food, desserts and an open bar, and visual entertainment provided by costumed performers on stilts, and stages set up with topless models body painted in military camouflage. We bumped into my friend, Chris Farley look-alike/impersonator Paul Heier before sitting down at a table alongside a young couple from New York who had been the lucky winners of a radio contest in which they received an all expense paid three day trip to Las Vegas for the Planet Hollywood Premiere of Resident Evil. Unfortunately, they arrived in town too late to make the screening, but were thrilled to be in Las Vegas for the first time and attend the glamorous party. For Nassau County, NY resident 29 year old Anthony Rosas, who repairs restaurant equipment and his 21 year old college student girlfriend Deanna Ely, attending a star studded special VIP event in Las Vegas was like nothing they had ever experienced.

Radio Contest winners Anthony Rosas and girlfriend Deanna Ely

Word is that Planet Hollywood is planning to hold movie premieres on a regular basis. With the Palms Resort used to having that distinction in Las Vegas, the bar has been raised. It appears Planet Hollywood is a force to be reckoned with and is now giving that other property a run for their money when it comes to the Hollywood-Vegas connection and drawing top name celebrities and A-list movie stars. Hey, there is a reason it is called Planet “Hollywood” Hotel and Casino. Movies, stars, glamour, and everything associated with Hollywood is what this casino resort is all about.