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The Nevada Film Critics Society's 2015 Awards for Achievement in Film

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"Spotlight" Tops 2015 Nevada Film Critics Society Awards

spotlight mv 1

The immaculately crafted film, Spotlight, about The Boston Globe's 2001 investigation into the systematic cover up of pedophile priests within the Catholic Church was named Best Film of 2015 by The Nevada Film Critics Society. The movie also won awards for Best Original Screenplay and Best Ensemble.

In other major categories, Brie Larson was chosen Best Actress for Room and Leonardo DiCaprio was chosen Best Actor for The Revenant. The Revenant won a total of four awards including Tom Hardy for Best Supporting Actor, Alejandro Iñárritu for Best Director and Emmanuel Lubezki for Best Cinematography.

Alicia Vikander was chosen Best Supporting Actress for the sci fi thriller Ex Machina. The film also won the award for Best Visual Effects.

Below is the complete list of winners in each category:

Best Film - Spotlight
Best Actor - Leonardo DiCaprio - the Revenant
Best Actress - Brie Larson - Room
Best Supporting Actor - Tom Hardy - The Revenant
Best Supporting Actress - Alicia Vikander - Ex Machina
Best Youth Performance - Jacob Tremblay - Room
Best Director - Alejandro Iñárritu - The Revenant
Best Original Screenplay - Tom McCarthy and Josh Singer - Spotlight
Best Adapted Screenplay - tie - Drew Goddard for The Martian and Emma Donoghue for Room
Best Ensemble Cast - Spotlight
Best Documentary - Amy
Best Animated Movie - Inside Out
Best Production Design - Francois Séguin - Brooklyn
Best Cinematography - Emmanuel Lubezki - The Revenant
Best Visual Effects - Ex Machina

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