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This Week in Marvel

TWiM delivers all the Marvel info on comics, video games, toys, TV, film, and beyond! Hosted by Ryan "Agent M" Penagos, Tucker Markus, Christine Dinh, and Eric Goldman. Tweet your questions w/ the hashtag #ThisWeekinMarvel or e-mail
This Week in Marvel
  1. #325 - Rise of the Black Panther's Evan Narcisse
    Ryan is joined by Rise of the Black Panther writer Evan Narcisse to dig into a classic Black Panther story, talk breaking into comics, and share their favorite video games. Also, the team gives you everything you need to know about the latest news and ...
  2. Marvel's The Pull List #2
    Ryan and Tucker provide bite-sized previews of Venom Inc., All-New Wolverine, Avengers: No Surrender, Weapon X, and all the other comics that'll be waiting for you in stores tomorrow!
  3. Gerry Duggan: To Infinity Countdown and Beyond
    Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy writer Gerry Duggan shares his favorite video games, parenting tips, most influential horror works, and a deep dive into Adam Warlock, Marvel Cosmic, and the upcoming epic Infinity Countdown story. This is the full ...
  4. #324 – Hawkeye, Phoenix, Punisher
    Ryan asks you to Tweet embarrassing words, Tucker knows too much about the wizarding world, Alex is mystified by mobile games, and the team gives you everything you need to know about the latest in Marvel comics, TV, gaming, and more. Plus! Ryan talks ...
  5. Marvel's The Pull List #1
    On The Pull List – Tucker discovers that Ryan watches nothing but NY1 and The Golden Girls. Also – the best books of the week and why you should grab them at the comic shop this Wednesday.
  6. #323 – Gambit, Black Bolt, Black Panther
    Bomb cyclone special! Ryan and Alex find out Tucker's darkest secret (hint: he goes to board game conventions) and suffer his Thing impression, then the three break down the latest in comics, TV, gaming, and everything else Marvel!
  7. Clark Gregg
    Ryan sits down with Clark Gregg to discuss Gregg's Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. directorial debut. Catch the show Fridays on ABC!
  8. #322 – Year-End Review
    Ryan, Ben, and Tucker bring you all the latest comics, plus more news than you can shake a stick at along with your questions and comments!
  9. #321 – Doctor Strange, Marvel Two-in-One, Mighty Thor
    Ryan, Ben, and Tucker bring you all the latest comics, plus more news than you can shake a stick at along with your questions and comments!
  10. #320 – Wolverine, Runaways, Infinity Countdown
    This episode of the official Marvel podcast is brought to you by Hasbro! Explore this week's new comics, catch up with the West Coast for TV news, listen in on a riveting Infinity Countdown discussion and enjoy another special holiday edition of #TWIMURC!
  11. #316.5 – Marvel’s Runaways Ultimate Reading Club
    Join Ryan for a special edition of This Week in Marvel Ultimate Reading Club with the executive producers/showrunners of Marvel's Runaways to discuss all things Runaways! Be sure to catch the Hulu original series now!
  12. #315.5 – Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4
    Dan Slott and Christos Gage join the official Marvel podcast to discuss how they got webbed into crafting the Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 story, their earliest gaming memories, expanding Spidey’s world and the scale of the game.
  13. #319 – Captain America, Doctor Strange, Hulk
    Greg Pak swings by the show to prep us for World War Hulk II (1:05:25), plus all the latest from comics, TV (1:20:45), and all other things Marvel!
  14. #314.5 – David Johnson of the Arizona Cardinals
    NFL star David Johnson from the Arizona Cardinals stops by to talk about all his favorite Marvel characters, including Black Panther, plus get info on his charity work and more!
  15. #318 – Doctor Strange, Great Lakes Avengers, Star Wars
    It’s guests galore on the official Marvel podcast, sponsored by Hasbro, with writers Donny Cates (55:37) and Dan Slott (2:13:45), and Marvel Animation (1:35:09) joining the holiday fun, plus your usual roundup of news, comics, and much more!
  16. #313.5 – The Bloody Beetroots’ Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo
    Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo of The Bloody Beetroots joins Tucker on the official Marvel podcast to talk about Bob's upbringing in Italy, wearing masks, and transforming into a super villain when he performs!
  17. #317 – Spider-Man, Thanos, X-Men
    Review the latest in comics and more, plus get breaking X-Men news (1:13:11) as well as hear your questions and comments (1:45:02) on the latest episode of the official Marvel podcast!
  18. #312.5 - Marvel's Runaways' Lyrica Okano
    Marvel's Runaways just premiered on Hulu! To celebrate, Lyrica Okano stopped by Marvel HQ to chat all things Runaways with Ben and Ryan.
  19. #316 – Doctor Strange, Hawkeye, X-Men
    This episode of the official Marvel podcast brought to you by Hasbro! Explore this week's new comics, catch up on the latest TV and games news (1:07:48), and enjoy another special holiday edition of the Unlimited Reading Club (1:50:46), featuring an ...
  20. #311.5 - LEGO Designer Justin Ramsden
    Tucker sits down with LEGO Designer Justin Ramsden to talk about how Justin got his dream job, creating Marvel LEGO, and the launch of LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2!
  21. #315 – Daredevil, Falcon, Moon Knight
    The official podcast of all things Marvel returns with up-to-the-minute comics reviews, special insight into Moon Knight with the new book’s editors (1:11:45), Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy news from the west coast (1:28:54), plus your questions ...
  22. #314 – Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man
    On the latest episode of Marvel’s official podcast, get up to speed on comics coming your way, dissect some major Spider-Man occurrences with the folks behind the Webslinger (1:02:12), enjoy the latest news from the west coast (1:17:35), and then get...
  23. #310.5 - Caroline Dhavernas and Adam Keleman
    Actress Caroline Dhavernas (“Hannibal,” “Wonderfalls”) and Director Adam Keleman from the film ‘Easy Living’ stop by to talk about the project, Adam’s love for Rogue, Caroline’s work with actors from the Marvel Universe and much more!
  24. #313 – Black Panther, Silver Surfer, Tales of Suspense
    Along with an in-depth review of this week’s comics and a thorough report on the latest movie and TV news (1:54:45), enjoy a chat with red hot writer Matthew Rosenberg (1:13:13) as well as your questions and comments answered (2:10:06)!
  25. #309.5 - The Darkness
    Justin Hawkins and Rufus Taylor from the rock band The Darkness stop by Marvel HQ to talk about their new album ‘Solid Gold,’ comic books and much more!
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