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  1. New 'Little Women' Will Star Lea Thompson

    Marie Claire Celebrates 'Fresh Faces' with an Event Sponsored by Maybelline - ArrivalsThe March family is returning to the big screen.

    "Little Women" is being adapted to film again, so there will be a new Marmee in town,among other characters. Lea Thompson is set to play the March matriarch, Deadline reports. The adaptation is said to be modern, which would make it very different from what we've seen in the past.

    Originally a novel by Louisa May Alcott, published in 1868, the story centers on sisters Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy March as they come of age during the Civil War. They are guided by their caring and charitable mother, Marmee, especially while their father is away fighting. The Marches' story is a classic and has been adapted for the silver screen on multiple occasions, from a silent version in 1917 to 1994's "Little Women" starring Claire Danes, Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, Susan Sarandon, and Christian Bale.

    A modern take has the potential to be interesting -- that, or terrible, but let's be optimistic. We'll be curious to see what the project's writers, director Clare Niederpruem and Kristi Shimek, have come up with. "Little Women" is scheduled to start shooting in June and is due out in 2018, in time for the book's 150th anniversary.

    [via: Deadline]
  2. 'Cars 3' Director Brian Fee on Going From Story Artist to Filmmaker

    It's no secret that Pixar bigwig John Lasseter loves cars, and it's this love of cars that birthed the first "Cars" film (which he directed) and the sequel (which, after a period of development with another filmmaker, Lasseter ultimately took over and directed). So it's really saying something that he was able to let go of his baby, handing the keys to "Cars 3" over to Brian Fee, a relatively unknown story artist within the much larger Pixar framework. Fee had been a part of the first two "Cars" films but this was something altogether different; he'd have to wrangle hundreds of artists and animators and take the franchise back to its roots after the sequel threatened to derail the series. That's a lot for any filmmaker, much less a first-timer.

    But if that sounds like a stressful proposition, you wouldn't be able to tell by talking with Fee. I got to sit down with the director at the Sonoma Raceway, a beautiful track in northern California (and a perfect backdrop to talk about all things cars) and he told me about his history with the franchise, the third act to Lightning McQueen's story, and how Ron Howard's "Rush" inspired the look of the film.Moviefone: Can you talk about your history with this franchise?

    Brian Fee: I started on "Cars" as a story assistant. And what that meant was that I helped the real story artists get their work done. Because we were all drawing on paper, so I helped them finish their drawings. They would draw the important stuff and I would do the background, which just had to be traced over from drawing to drawing. It was busy work, really. But it was to help them get their work done. The story supervisor at the time, the late Joe Ranft, I wanted to stay at the company and asked him, "How do I stay here?" And he said, "Make yourself indispensable." It was the best advice I ever got. Because it was all about doing the very best you can and don't show it to anybody until it's the best it can be.

    I gave myself a very high bar and that helped me become an actual story artist. So, one day I got the big boy pants and they let me be a story artist. I learned on the job, learned from everybody I could, and worked on "Cars 2" with John Lasseter. By that time I was considered more of a veteran story artist. It's weird to be the young green kid and wake up one day and realize that I'm a veteran now. But I think a lot of people have that experience. So I worked with John on "Cars 2" and then worked with him in development of "Cars 3." I was working on ideas and things and that's when I was called into John's office, unexpectedly. That's when John told me, not asked, that I was directing "Cars 3." Ed Catmull was there and he was the one who said, "We realize we're not asking you. We know that."

    What was your reaction?

    I was extremely honored they considered me for this; it was an honor they thought I was ready for this. And I was so excited because these characters were like family to me and I was excited to tell their story. At the same time I was terrified because I hadn't directed anything before and I had a lot to learn in a very short amount of time.

    What was the biggest surprise when making the movie?

    I wouldn't say there was a surprise, but the hardest thing was the story. I came from story but that is still the hardest thing. Everything else was less difficult because I can trust everyone. Everyone is an expert. I'm dealing with the best people in the business. So it's my job to inspire them to do great work and once they do that work I judge it against one thing: Is this helping us tell our story and is it not helping us tell our story? And if it's helping us tell our story, great! If it's not helping us tell our story yet why is that? What can we do? And try again.

    I know the studio is now mimicking real lenses in the computer when it comes to photography. What was your approach to the visuals and what lenses did you use?

    Having never done anything in live-action, I didn't know the first thing about lenses, so, luckily, my DP knew everything about lenses. So all I had to do was describe the look. So he could take care of all the technical stuff. We could just get in there and play with the look. And he [DP Jeremy Lasky] brings a lot to the table. A lot of the scenes are incredible because of his fantastic work. We talked early on about not wanting any of the races to feel overly conservative. And by that I mean any of the angles. It's just like, let's find the right times to push these angles on the characters to emphasize the grittiness of a real race. It's a very extreme thing -- the speeds and everything that happens down there. I wanted to take what was already done and push it a little bit more.

    Were you referencing anything, either live-action or animation, when it came to the racing?

    We looked at a lot of stuff. I really liked that movie "Rush" and how they shot that. So there was some really great racing things in there. But we had to be really careful because our cars are characters. So anytime you go below the nose, because you think low angles are really dramatic, but once it goes below the nose you lose the eyes. So there were some limitations and tradeoffs. It became: Is this shot about them being a car or a character? So it was always a balancing act.

    You've talked about how this is the third act of Lightning McQueen's story. How would you chart his adventure?

    In "Cars," he was the latest greatest; he was the new kid on the scene. He was the hotshot rookie. In "Cars 2," he's maintaining. In "Cars 2," you can easily say you have a little bit of an older McQueen and he's at the top of his game and at the top of his celebrity. So how do you have that character fall from grace? And age is the most obvious thing. We talked to Jeff Gordon and he said that, when he was young, he would go really hard but you would wear out your car. And the older he got, the more experience he got and he realized he didn't have to wear out his car. And the young guys would pass him. He'd say, "He might have passed me but he's wearing out his tires and using all of his gas. In 10 laps, I'll pass him." And 10 laps later, he'd pass them.

    So the problem was, when those young people passed him and 10 laps later he didn't pass them, that's when he realized he'd lost some of the charge he had. That happens with every athlete. We started looking at -- you can't do everything forever. But if that's all you know and that's your self-worth, how do you deal with the fact that you'll never be what you once were?

    These movies obviously go through a thousand iterations. What was the story on the very first version of this movie?

    Very first version? There were hints of a mentorship between Lightning and Doc. There was a Cruz character. It was a boy, not a girl. It took place in California, not the south. And Cruz was a farmer. Think Route 99. There was a scene where the sign got tipped upside down. That was the beginning. McQueen was going through more of a midlife crisis. There was a mistaken identity and McQueen didn't look like himself. But that was bizarre territory and we quickly moved away from that.

    Obviously, John Lasseter is going to have to retire at some point, just like McQueen. Did he contribute anything story-wise?

    He contributed a lot, story-wise. For him, on a personal level, I think the mentorship sank in more. Later in the process, his son won a student Academy Award. And John felt the pride of watching his son receive the award. The pride matched or even surpassed his own experiences of receiving awards. That had a profound effect on him. And I've looked at John as a mentor from day one, even as a story assistant, I was watching how John did it. Because he's a master at it.

    "Cars 3" opens June 16th.

  3. Nicolas Cage Suffered Onset Injury While Filming '#211'

    German Sustainability Award 2016All those action flicks Nicolas Cage does had to catch up with him at some point.

    The actor has reportedly suffered an onset injury, but luckily it doesn't sound like one that is particularly horrible, all things considered. Cage broke his ankle while filming the film "#211" in Bulgaria, Deadline reports. Painful as it may be, he sought medical attention and hopes to be able to start shooting again within two weeks.

    The injury came in what was said to be a freak accident. The movie, which centers on a bank heist, is action-heavy, so it makes sense that even a professional like Cage could get hurt. He was taken to a hospital in Sofia, Bulgaria, and then returned to Los Angeles for further care after finding out doctors wanted him to undergo surgery.

    It remains to be seen how Cage's broken ankle will impact production, but hopefully he will be back on his feet (literally) soon.

    [via: Deadline]

  4. 'Miracle' Star Michael Mantenuto Dies at 35

    'Miracle' Motion Picture PremiereSad news came Thursday, especially for fans of the 2004 Disney film "Miracle": One of the stars, Michael Mantenuto, has died at age 35.

    The actor was found dead in his car by police in Des Moines, Washington, TMZ reports. He had committed suicide by shooting himself, according to the coroner.

    In college, Mantenuto played hockey at the University of Maine. He later used those skill in "Miracle," a film that tells the underdog tale of the legendary 1980 U.S. Olympic hockey team. His character, Jack O'Callahan, was a key member of the gold medal-winning squad who went on to play in the NHL.

    Although "Miracle" received a positive reception and even won the 2004 ESPY Award for Best Sports Movie, Mantenuto only starred in three movies over the course of his acting careerl. One of them was 2008's "Surfer, Dude" with Matthew McConaughey. He later enlisted in the army and served in the Special Forces.

    Not surprisingly, the tragic news was met with sadness on social media; fans expressed their grief and paid tribute to the late actor.

    R.I.P. to the GOAT Michael Mantenuto also known as Jack O'Callahan from the greatest sports movie of all time #HeBelievedInMiracles

    — Jake (@Jaketoppen2) April 27, 2017

    I'm legitimately upset to hear of Michael Mantenuto's passing and will probably watch Miracle tonight :(

    — Christine Rousselle (@crousselle) April 27, 2017

    Saddened to hear of Michael Mantenuto's passing. He was a great actor especially in his portrayal of OC in 'Miracle' .. RIP💔 #GoneTooSoon

    — Taramisue (@TaraTenille08) April 27, 2017

    Apparantly, Michael Mantenuto died today. His work as Jack O'Callahan was legendary. #RIPMike

    — PNHS Meme Team (@Not_Hank_Hill) April 27, 2017

    @Buccigross one of Cawlidge Hockey's greats passed today.. RIP Michael Mantenuto.

    — Ryan Medellin (@Ryan_Medellin) April 27, 2017

    Rip Michael Mantenuto 😭 You will always be the cutest hockey player!! #miracle

    — Rachel Louise Taylor (@Racheltaymusic) April 27, 2017

    so sad. rip michael mantenuto.

    — morgan. (@MorganSimonski_) April 27, 2017

    [via: TMZ]

  5. Mandy Moore Is Shark Bait in '47 Meters Down' Trailer

    The sharks are circling — and Mandy Moore has no way out in the trailer for "47 Meters Down."

    Moore plays a woman who goes on a post-breakup vacation to Mexico with her sister (Claire Holt). Locals persuade them to go shark cage diving, assuring them it's completely safe. But once they get in the cage, the line breaks and the cage sinks 47 meters down to the ocean floor.

    And all the while, huge great white sharks — drawn there by blood thrown into the water by the crew — circle and begin snapping at the cage. The sisters will have to find a way back to the surface through the deadly sharks before their air runs out.As the "This Is Us" star told Entertainment Weekly, "The majority of the movie is us completely freaking out. Imagine somebody who's at the bottom of the ocean, who's never gone diving before, doesn't know how to clear her air or what any of her equipment does. It's the f—ing most terrifying nightmare on the planet to her. Most of the time I was shooting, I would be going through my [oxygen] tank in two seconds because I was hyperventilating."

    "47 Meters Down" opens in theaters June 16.

  6. Ewan McGregor in Talks to Star in Live-Action Winnie the Pooh Movie

    ENTERTAINMENT-US-CINEMA-BEAUTY AND THE BEAST-ARRIVALSDisney isn't slowing down on remaking its animated classics into live-action movies.

    Fresh off the blockbuster success of "Beauty and the Beast" and setting a release date for "The Lion King," Disney is getting to work on a live-action version of "Winnie the Pooh." And according to The Hollywood Reporter, Ewan McGregor is in talks to star.

    He'd play the titular character in "Christopher Robin," which will be directed by Marc Forster. Christopher is a businessman focused on his career. He's completely lost his sense of imagination — until Pooh shows up at his door one day, ready to take him on a new adventure.

    This isn't McGregor's first experience with a live-action remake of a Disney hit; he played Lumiere in "Beauty and the Beast." And he's had a very busy year, starring in "T2: Trainspotting" and FX's "Fargo" Season 3.

    In addition to a "Winnie the Pooh" remake, Disney's slate includes new versions of "Aladdin," "Mulan," and possibly "Dumbo."

  7. Johnny Depp Surprises Guests on Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland

    Jack Sparrow was spotted at Disneyland!

    Guests on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride got a huge surprise when Johnny Depp made an appearance in full Jack Sparrow costume. He spoke lines from the movies as riders watched from their boats.

    "Everyone was surprised, shocked and excited to see him," one visitor told E! News. "He acted exactly like his character in the movies."

    Depp is promoting "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales," the fifth installment in the blockbuster franchise. Jack Sparrow is evading his longtime nemesis, Armando Salazar (Javier Bardem), whose Spanish Navy ghost crew is hunting down every pirate at sea. Jack, with the help of Henry Turner — Will and Elizabeth's son — must track down the Trident of Poseidon to survive. The movie opens May 26.

    Here are some reactions from Disneyland guests at Depp's cameo:

    Life is complete! Just saw Johnny Depp on Pirates of the Caribbean @Disneyland !! #PiratesoftheCaribbean

    — Patricia (@MissLovelyCuppy) April 27, 2017

    Johnny Depp Is filming on the pirates ride in Disney land!!!! Crazy!!!!!!

    — Tommy Williams (@Twiller0) April 27, 2017

    Just saw #johnnydepp at Disney land! SO AMAZING AHH

    — sam (@smccrackenn) April 27, 2017

    That Moment I See Daddy At Disneyland ✨😩😩😩 #JohnnyDepp

    — eli♡ (@elisa_teee) April 27, 2017
  8. Honest Trailers Does 'The Social Network': 'The World's Smartest Film About the World's Dullest Premise'

    Screen Junkies is back with another installment in its Honest Trailers series, and this time, "The Social Network" is in the hot seat.

    The people behind the film don't have to worry, though: The video has mostly complimentary feedback. Even though the narrator says the Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic has "the world's dullest premise," the reviews are pretty glowing. Sorkin gets praise for making "boring litigation exciting," to the point that the narrators even calls for another Facebook movie.

    Of course, there was some criticism as well. Namely, in regard to the film's accuracy -- or lack thereof.

    "If you want to know the real story behind Facebook, watch something else, because they're bending the truth harder than the news your uncle posts on his wall," we hear.

    We're reminded of the artistic license taken, from Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) looking like an "awkward scowling robot" to his ex-girlfriend who supposedly inspired the site being completely made-up.

    Watch the full video below.

  9. New 'Alien: Covenant' Prologue Shows What Happened After 'Prometheus'

    "Alien: Covenant" still hasn't opened in theaters, but Ridley Scott isn't making us wait for the "Prometheus" sequel before tackling some of the prior film's unanswered questions.

    20th Century Fox unveiled a new short today that serves as a second prologue to "Alien: Covenant." Called "The Crossing," it shows what happened to the android David (Michael Fassbender) and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Katherine Waterston) after the Prometheus mission took its horrifying turn. At less than three-minutes-long, the prologue doesn't reveal all, but it does show Dr. Shaw healing David, and the duo heading to (and possibly arriving at) the Engineer's homeworld.

    "Alien: Covenant" will pick up after the events of both "Prometheus" and "The Crossing" as a different colony ship, Covenant, travels to the far side of the galaxy. Looking for a remote planet, they'll end up on what seems to be an uncharted paradise but actually turns out to be a place more like hell. Fassbender and Waterston return, and the film also stars Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, Demián Bichir, Carmen Ejogo, Amy Seimetz, Jussie Smollett, Callie Hernandez, Nathaniel Dean, Alexander England, and Benjamin Rigby.

    "Alien: Covenant" hits theaters May 19.

  10. 'That Thing You Do!': The Wonders Reunited for Performance at the Roxy

    It's about to feel like 1996, because the titular song from "That Thing You Do!" is going to get stuck in your head.

    Three of the members from the movie's band, The Wonders (also known as the Oneders), reunited for a performance at West Hollywood's Roxy Theatre on Tuesday night. Johnathon Schaech (Jimmy), Tom Everett Scott (Guy), and Ethan Embry (the bass player who never got a name) all took the stage, to the delight of fans. Although they were missing Steve Zahn (Lenny), they had the next best thing -- someone wearing a picture of his face.

    Fellow "That Thing You Do!" stars Tom Hanks (Mr. White) and Liv Tyler (Faye) also missed out, but the gang didn't need to be complete to have fun. As Embry tweeted alongside a photo of the original three, they always "reunion hard."

    When we reunion, we reunion hard.

    — Ethan Embry (@EmbryEthan) April 26, 2017

    Meyers, the reunion's instigator, according to EW, also shared his excitement. He described the event as "magical" and showed proof in the form of an video on Instagram.

    He also revealed in a tweet that he couldn't stop smiling thanks to all of the comments about the importance of "That Thing You Do!"

    Ive had a smile on my face all day because of how many people telling me how important That Thing You Do was to them. Last Night was magic

    — Josh Adam Meyers (@JoshAdamMeyers) April 26, 2017

    What a Oneder-ful night.

    [h/t: EW]

  11. Vin Diesel Throws Mock Fit on 'Ellen' Over Charlize Theron's 'Fast 8' Kissing Feedback

    'Fast & Furious 8' Madrid PhotocallVin Diesel put the "furious" in "The Fate of the Furious" on Tuesday.

    While appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the actor had a faux tantrum when host DeGeneres brought up how his "Fast 8" co-star Charlize Theron had described his kissing technique in a scene from the movie as "like a dead fish" when she last visited the show. The scene in question is one in which her character, the villainous Cipher, locks lips with Dominic Toretto (Diesel) to prove he has turned his back on his family. He allows it, but he's not exactly an eager participant.

    Still, Diesel offered a glowing review of the kiss to USA Today in early April.

    "Do I know she enjoyed it? Oh, my God, yeah," he said. "A kiss cannot lie, lips don't lie. No, they didn't. She OWNED it."

    Theron, on the other hand, had a very different description.

    "His character is just frozen like a dead fish," DeGeneres quoted her as saying. "He's saying it was the best kiss ever. It was the most psychotic kiss ever. And this whole spiel about how 'lips don't lie' -- I like a little more movement in my men."

    Confronted on Tuesday with the news that her lips did lie, Diesel burst out of his chair -- not once but twice -- yelling, "What?!" in mock outrage. He looked to the "Ellen" audience for support, asking, "Do I look like a dead fish?!"

    For all his shouting, though, Diesel didn't seem to take the feedback personally. Kissing incompatibility aside, he joked that "you don't come on 'Ellen' ... and compare [him] to a dead fish" because the host starred in "Finding Dory." There's kind of a strange logic in that ... maybe?

    Poor Diesel. Maybe he can get his Fast and Furious leading lady Michelle Rodriguez to vouch for his non-fish-like kissing abilities.

  12. How 'Cars 3' Will Reclaim the Series' Legacy

    In terms of Pixar films, the first "Cars" ranks up there alongside "A Bug's Life" as one of the studio's most underrated films. And since that film was released in 2006, it's become one of the most popular brands for Disney, generating millions of dollars in merchandise sales and inspiring a line of short films, spin-offs, and a sprawling, technologically mind-bending land at the Disney California Adventure park in Anaheim. At this point it's hard to remember when "Cars" was a movie and not a franchise (lord knows the disconnected 2011 sequel, with a plot that remains totally baffling, didn't help anything), which is what makes "Cars 3" such an exciting proposition.

    A few weeks ago, I went up to Pixar and watched about half of the movie, all told, and was utterly charmed with what I saw. Based on what I saw, "Cars 3" is a true return-to-form for the series and does a lot to remind you just how special the original film was.At the beginning of "Cars 3," Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is still top dog, but his age is starting to show. He is involved in a catastrophic crash (one that is teased in the first trailer) and is constantly being bested by Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer), a high-tech racecar with all the bells and whistles. When his sponsorship is taken over by a sick businessman named Sterling (Nathan Fillion), McQueen thinks that they're going to put him back on the track. But instead, Sterling wants to position McQueen as a legacy sponsor of a host of products. Lightning strikes a deal with his new boss: Let him race one more time, and if he loses, he'll retire and spend his golden years shilling products. (The fact that Lightning is essentially being reduced to a logo is pretty interesting and way more meta than you'd expect.) Sterling assigns a young trainer, Cruz (Cristela Alonzo), to help Lighting get ready for the race, and, together, they travel across the country seeking inspiration and advice.

    It's pretty cute.

    And the connection to the first film is pretty awesome. If you saw "Cars 2," you know that it refashioned the original's slow-down-and-enjoy-the-simplicities-of-life narrative as a high-octane spy adventure. It was audacious, for sure, and remains one of the most beautiful-looking Pixar movies ever, but it lost the sweetness of the original and traded that film's laid back, Miyazaki-indebted charm for something frenzied and frantic and somewhat overwhelming. Also, it made goofball tow truck Mater (Larry the Cable Guy) the central focus instead of Lightning. It was ... bizarre.

    And if the footage I saw up at Pixar is any indication, the third film almost completely ignores the events of the second film. There's no mention of the European and Asian races depicted in that film, none of the characters have returned, and Mater is barely in it. Seriously, the hillbilly tow truck probably said 10 words in the almost hour's worth of footage I saw. And this film is primarily set in Radiator Springs, the Route 66 oasis introduced in the first film. (Sadly, the sunny epilogue of the first film, which saw tourists and visitors return to the sleepy hamlet, isn't a part of "Cars 3.") So, if you never saw "Cars 2," don't worry. It's probably better (and less confusing) if you didn't.As Lightning McQueen ambles through the American southwest, a part of the country that historically birthed NASCAR races (it started with bootleggers racing their souped-up getaway cars), he clashes with Cruz, who just wants to help, and ends up searching for the trainers that made his mentor, Doc Hudson (Paul Newman, via the help of audio outtakes from the first film), the dynamo he was. It's all about going back to reclaim the fundamentals. And like the film's jab at the abundance of merchandise spun off from these films, it's a very knowing, winking look at the franchise. Instead of going above and beyond and introducing all sorts of spy movies shenanigans, it's about peeling all of that stuff away and focusing on what made the original film so charming and engaging.

    Technologically and visually though, this is hardly a step back. The footage we saw was amazing-looking; there was a tactile quality to the images that made everything feel lived-in and real. It's like they took the photo-realistic breakthroughs of "The Good Dinosaur" and applied it to something more outwardly cartoony. The result is the "Cars" world we know and love but given a heightened sense of detail and depth. Instead of the glistening metropolises of the previous film, "Cars 3" is all about naturalism. There's also a sequence where Lightning and Cruz are racing along the beach that is just breathtaking. Another sequence has Lighting entering a demolition derby incognito, his trademark logo covered up with globs of mud. You never think about the technology while watching these scenes, about the physics engines whirring away to make sure everything looks just right, but you do know that it looks beautiful and the added layers of detail, atmosphere, and texture go a long way in firmly placing you in that world.

    And maybe that's the biggest takeaway from the footage we saw -- how good it feels to be back in the "Cars" world. That's huge. The first film, as sweet as it is, isn't seen as a high mark in the Pixar canon -- and the sequel didn't do it any favors. But "Cars 3" seems like a fine return to form and possibly even better than the original. The story seems like the perfect blend of the old and the new -- both nostalgic and forward-thinking -- and the animation style is the same, with returning characters updated with a fresh coat of computer-generated paint.

    Quite frankly, I can't wait to see the rest of the movie and watch McQueen reclaim his former glory. It's a great metaphor for the "Cars" franchise, really. See you in Radiator Springs.

    "Cars 3" opens on June 16th.

  13. New 'Baywatch' Trailer Spotlights Priyanka Chopra's Sexy Villain

    Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron, watch out — Priyanka Chopra isn't going to let a couple of lifeguards stop her quest for beach domination.

    The new "Baywatch" trailer introduces Chopra's villain, Victoria Leeds, who owns the hot new beach club. Johnson soon looks past her curve-hugging dresses and sky-high stilettos and realizes she's the diabolical head of a major drug ring.

    Warning to the evil @PriyankaChopra, you don't wanna f*ck w/ the Avengers of the Beach. We WILL get dysfunctional 🔥 @Baywatchmovie MAY 25th

    — Dwayne Johnson (@TheRock) April 25, 2017

    Chopra looks stunning in her big-screen Hollywood debut. The actress is a beloved Bollywood veteran and stars in ABC's "Quantico." The new trailer also features some new footage, including Johnson and Efron rescuing passengers from an exploding boat and the two wearing ridiculous undercover outfits (Efron makes a pretty woman).

    "Baywatch" opens in theaters May 25.

  14. New 'Cars 3' Trailer Gives Lightning McQueen Last Chance at Racing Glory

    Are Lightning McQueen's racing days over?

    It's looking grim in the new trailer for "Cars 3." As seen in previous trailers, Lightning (Owen Wilson) suffers a brutal crash in a race — and he's already in the twilight of this career. He has to rely on trainer Cruz Ramirez (Cristela Alonzo) to whip him back into shape, but the world of racing has changed and it favors sleek, new cars with advanced technology like Jackson Storm (Armie Hammer).

    Can Lightning keep up? Can he tap into the passion that he had in the beginning of his career? Can he discover the joy of racing again?"Cars 3" feels more like a traditional, underdog sports movie (think "Rudy" or "Mighty Ducks" or "Karate Kid"). The story is the driver here, and there's much less hokey humor than in the previous "Cars" films. That may be a good thing.

    "Cars 3" opens in theaters June 16.

  15. M. Night Shyamalan Is Making a Sequel to 'Unbreakable' and 'Split'

    Now, here's a twist: M. Night Shyamalan is finally making a sequel to his 2000 superhero thriller "Unbreakable" — and it's also a sequel to his recent horror flick "Split."

    The film is titled "Glass" and the director calls it a "crazy comic book thriller." It will bring together "Unbreakable" stars Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson and "Split" star James McAvoy.

    Shyamalan shared the news on Twitter:

    It's taken 17 years but I can finally answer the #1 question I get, "Are you making a f#&@ing sequel to Unbreakable or what?"

    — M. Night Shyamalan (@MNightShyamalan) April 26, 2017

    My new film is the sequel to #Unbreakable AND #Split. It was always my dream to have both films collide in this third film.

    — M. Night Shyamalan (@MNightShyamalan) April 26, 2017

    "Split" was a huge hit, earning more than $275 million worldwide on just a $9 million budget. And it followed on the heels of another hit, 2015's "The Visit." So, Shyamalan is on a hot streak.

    So, how can "Glass" be a sequel to both movies? SPOILERS AHEAD!

    In "Split," McAvoy played a kidnapper named Kevin Wendell Crumb with multiple personalities, including "The Beast," with superhuman strength. At the end of the movie, customers at a diner watch news coverage of the crimes and one remarked Kevin's similarity to another criminal who was confined to a wheelchair. Sitting next to that patron is David Dunn (Willis), who reminded her that his name was "Mr. Glass" (Jackson).

    A few months ago, Shyamalan explained that he initially included Kevin in "Unbreakable" but had to cut him out. Now, he can bring together the three characters as he intended.

    Universal Pictures will release #Glass on January 18, 2019 all over the world. How's that for not keeping a secret!

    — M. Night Shyamalan (@MNightShyamalan) April 26, 2017

  16. Jonathan Demme, 'Silence of the Lambs' Director, Dead at Age 73

    Venice Film Festival 2008 - Rachel Getting Married PremiereJonathan Demme, the Oscar-winning director of "Silence of the Lambs," died this morning in New York at the age of 73.

    He died of esophageal cancer and complications from heart disease. He was treated for cancer in 2010, but suffered a recurrence in 2015.

    Demme had a long and diverse career that started in the '70s with directing B-movies produced by the legendary Roger Corman. In the '80s, he went to oversee hits like "Swing Shift," with Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and "Something Wild," with Melanie Griffith.

    In 1991, he won an Academy Award for directing "Silence of the Lambs," one of the few films to win all five major Oscar categories (Picture, Director, Screenplay, Actor, Actress). He followed that up with the acclaimed "Philadelphia," starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington.

    His other films include "Married to the Mob," "Beloved," the "Manchurian Candidate" remake, "Rachel Getting Married," and "Ricki and the Flash."

    Demme also directed concert films, like the Talking Heads' "Stop Making Sense," three Neil Young documentaries, and, most recently, "Justin Timberlake & the Tennessee Kids."

    Demme is survived by wife Joanne Howard and their three children.

  17. Jeff Goldblum Joins 'Jurassic World 2' in Franchise Return

    Jeff Goldblum Serves Sausages To SydneysidersJeff Goldblum is booking a return trip to Isla Nublar.

    The actor is joining the cast of "Jurassic World 2," reprising his role as Dr. Ian Malcolm from 1993's "Jurassic Park" and the 1997 sequel.

    Malcolm, a confident and sharp-tongued mathematician, was one of the first to see InGen's dinosaurs. He managed to survive the first movie's attack and was the main character in the sequel. Malcolm did not appear in "Jurassic Park III" nor the first "Jurassic World."

    "Jurassic World 2" brings back Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, who contended with another failure in the park security system. James Cromwell has also signed on to join the follow-up, which will be directed by J.A. Bayona.

    How and why Malcolm returns to Isla Nublar is an interesting question, but then again, he's one of the few people in the world who is very familiar with dinosaur rampages.

    "Jurassic World 2" is set to open in theaters June 22, 2018.

  18. Madonna on Unauthorized Biopic 'Blonde Ambition': 'Only I Can Tell My Story'


    At least one person is unhappy about the upcoming Madonna biopic "Blonde Ambition" -- and that person is the legendary entertainer herself.

    After news broke Monday that the unauthorized project was in the works, Madonna voiced her opinion in an Instagram post. Her comments came Tuesday and made it clear she doesn't like the idea of having someone else tell her story.

    "Nobody knows what I know and what I have seen," she wrote. "Only I can tell my story. Anyone else who tries is a charlatan and a fool. Looking for instant gratification without doing the work. This is a disease in our society."

    The Universal project is set to explore the early years of her career as she tried to get her first album released. Whether or not her reaction will have any impact on the film remains to be seen. Who knows -- maybe she'll be inspired to tell her own story. We'd definitely love to hear it!

    [via: Madonna/Instagram; h/t: Deadline]

  19. MCU Star Chris Pratt Weighs in on Where DC's 'Suicide Squad' Went Wrong

    BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-CINEMA-FILM-GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2Marvel's Star-Lord has some ideas for the DC Extended Universe, specifically "Suicide Squad."

    While out promoting "Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2," star Chris Pratt addressed some of the reasons why DCEU movies haven't had the same level of box office success as the MCU's. One problem, he suggested at an i09 junket last week, is that they haven't laid the groundwork like Marvel has. He used the example of "Marvel's The Avengers" -- a film that earned more than $1.5 billion at the box office -- and highlighted how Marvel first built up the characters through other films, like "Iron Man," "Captain America," and "Thor," among others.

    "They created a thirst for these characters, and that's when they put them in 'The Avengers,'" he said.

    Although many DCEU flicks have brought in very respectable box office numbers over the years, Marvel's biggest blockbusters have often dwarfed them. "Suicide Squad," for example, made just over half of what "The Avengers" did, about $745.6 million. That same "thirst" Pratt described just didn't seem to be there.

    "One of the flaws might have been they were introducing too many characters in 'Suicide Squad,'" he said. "They spent 10 minutes telling us why should we care about these characters, rather than creating trilogies for each character and convincing us to care about the characters."

    That said, Pratt wasn't throwing shade at DC. He emphasized that he "really [likes] all the Warner Bros. movies" and thinks "they're really cool." Creating a franchise, he says, is "really f--king hard to do."

    [via: i09]

  20. Chris Rock to Join Adam Sandler in His Next Netflix Movie, 'The Week Of'

    2013 MTV Movie Awards - ShowChris Rock and Adam Sandler are combining their comedic powers once again.

    Rock is set to join Sandler in the upcoming Netflix comedy "The Week Of," according to THR. The two funnymen will play fathers whose kids are getting married and follow the week leading up to the wedding. The script comes from Sandler and Robert Smigel, who doubles as the flick's director.

    "The Week Of" will be the fourth Netflix original movie from Sandler but not the last. The comedian originally had a four-picture deal with the streamer, and they have since gone on to renew it. Meanwhile, Rock has been working on projects for Netflix as well; he has a deal for two stand-up specials.

    The two comedians have teamed up multiple times in the past, to hilarious results. Not only did they pull off some LOL-inducing sketches as "Saturday Night Live" cast members in the early '90s, they both starred in the 2010 comedy "Grown Ups" and its 2013 sequel. Rock even made a cameo in Sandler's most recent Netflix comedy, "Sandy Wexler." Seeing them reunited again ... well, it will feel so good.

    Production is slated to being in Long Island, New York, this summer, and then "The Week Of" will premiere on Netflix in 2018.

    [via: THR]

  21. 'Star Wars: Episode IX,' 'Frozen 2,' 'Indiana Jones 5' Get New Release Dates

    Disney is reshuffling its upcoming film schedule, and announced new release dates for major tentpoles including "Star Wars: Episode IX," "Frozen 2," and "Indiana Jones 5."

    The Wall Street Journal's Ben Fritz tweeted the new dates. "Episode IX" is slated for release May 24, 2019. Recent "Star Wars" movies have opened over the holiday season, but the untitled young Han Solo movie is out May 25, 2018, and Fritz believes Lucasfilm will stake Memorial Day weekend for "Star Wars" movies in years to come.

    "Indiana Jones 5" has been pushed back a year, from July 2019 to July 2020. Taking its place will be the live-action "Lion King" directed by Jon Favreau, now opening July 19, 2019.

    Meanwhile, Ava DuVernay's "A Wrinkle in Time" will open March 9, 2018. It is taking the slot that was held by "Wreck-It Ralph 2," which has been delayed to November 2018.

    And "Frozen" fans will have to sit in ice for a few years, as the sequel to that movie won't be released until November 27, 2019.

  22. Madonna Biopic 'Blond Ambition' Is in the Works

    BRITAIN-ENTERTAINMENT-MUSIC-CINEMA-BEATLESLike a prayer, Universal is going to take us there ... to a Madonna biopic.

    The studio is greenlighting "Blond Ambition," a script by Elyse Hollander that was No. 1 on the 2016 Black List, an industry ranking of un-produced screenplays. Last year's "Arrival," "Hell or High Water," and "Manchester By the Sea" are all Black List alums.

    Brett Ratner and Michael De Luca ("Fifty Shades of Grey") are producing the film, which is set in the early 1980s. Madonna Louise Ciccone moved from Michigan to New York City in 1978 to pursue dancing, but soon transitioned to singing. At first, she sang in a rock band, but when that failed, she switched to pop. Her first album, released in 1983, yielded hits like "Holiday," "Borderline," and "Lucky Star," and paved the way for the blockbuster "Like a Virgin" album.

    Speaking of "Lucky Star," there is lucky actress attached to play the iconic singer yet.

  23. 18 Times Channing Tatum Was Actually the Funniest Person Alive

    Channing Tatum is known for a lot of things: his acting, his ability to dance like he has no hip bones, and his affinity for action movies. What most people forget, however, is how freaking funny he is.

    These are the 18 times Tatum made us laugh harder than anyone else.

  24. 'Star Wars' Rumor: 'Mr. Robot' Creator Working on an Obi-Wan Movie

    Chew on this "Star Wars" rumor of the week: Sam Esmail, creator of the mind-bending USA series "Mr. Robot," is reportedly working on a solo Obi-Wan movie.

    According to Omega Underground, two different sources say that Esmail has met with Lucasfilm about a "Star Wars" project and that it's likely an Obi-Wan movie.

    That's a galaxy away from being a sure thing, but it's an intriguing thought.

    Esmail is clearly a big "Star Wars" fan. He talked to THR last year about how how the sci-fi franchise has influenced "Mr. Robot."

    "I'm going to keep going with this 'Star Wars' thing. Maybe it's subconscious; I don't know. I've looked back on the second season and I've seen a lot of similarities with 'The Empire Strikes Back,' in terms of Luke/Elliot going away and isolating themselves, while their sister is out there and battling the evil empire. I think this is the return of Elliot."

    He is already connected to the "Star Wars" family through his agent, the site points out: His CAA rep is Bryan Lourd, ex-boyfriend of Carrie Fisher and father to Billie Lourd, who reprises her role opposite her mother in the upcoming "Star Wars: The Last Jedi."

    Ewan McGregor, who played Obi-Wan in the prequels, has often said he'd be up for returning to the role. Since this rumor is so preliminary, it's possible that a solo spinoff might be looking to cast a younger actor, however.

    Just a few days ago, McGregor told EW that nothing official has been mentioned to him: "There's no official offer, and I haven't met them about it or anything. But I've always said that I'd be happy to do it if they wanted to do it. It would be a good segue between the last episode of the prequels and the new episodes."

    Do you want to see a solo Obi-Wan movie?

  25. Visit Ryan Gosling's 'La La Land' Jazz Club (for One Day Only)

    LLL d 13 _2649.NEFAs if Los Angeles hadn't flipped enough over "La La Land," today, April 25, is "La La Land Day." Celebrations of the award-winning musical will be taking place all day and you can even visit "Seb's," a recreation of Ryan Gosling's dream jazz spot in the movie.

    And it's not just LA: Jazz spots in five cities — Chicago (Andy's Jazz Club), Los Angeles (Blind Donkey), Washington, D.C. (Mr. Henry's), New Orleans (d.b.a.) and San Francisco (Le Colonial) — will transform into Seb's, according to THR.

    The celebrations in LA began at 8 a.m. this morning with Mayor Eric Garcetti declaring today "La La Land Day." Then Bandaloop aerial dancers dressed like Gosling and Emma Stone in their famous dance number twirled down the face of LA City Hall.

    And if you can't make it to LA for the costume displays and dance classes, you can livestream the whole thing on Facebook.

    Today is #LaLaLandDay! Tune-in & watch LIVE on Facebook starting at 8:00am PT! #LALALAND is now on Blu-ray & DVD.

    — La La Land (@LaLaLand) April 25, 2017

    Onhand for the festivities were the Oscar-winning director Damien Chazelle, composer Justin Hurwitz, production designers David and Sandy Wasco and choreographer Mandy Moore.

    Hurwitz told THR that today's celebration is "very cool, adding, "With the film and the music, we were hoping to capture certain flavors, colors and feelings of Los Angeles, so to have the actual city embrace the film is very flattering. It's really cool that this movie has become a touchstone for so many people in so many places."

    This fun continues this Sunday, April 30, the Hermosa Beach Pier will be transformed back into the scene where Ryan Gosling first sang the Oscar-winning song "City of Stars." Musicians will perform songs from the soundtrack and the vintage lamp posts (which were originally placed there just for the film) will be reinstalled and lit.

    Coming up on May 26, Hurwitz will take over the Hollywood Bowl for "La La Land in Concert," which will feature the live score against the backdrop of the film.

    That's a lot of "La La Land" love!

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