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  1. 'Twin Peaks' Revival Keeps the Mystery Alive With New Teaser

    And so it begins ... again.

    The first teaser is here for Showtime's "Twin Peaks" revival. The 30-second video only offers glimpses at the continuation, but it is exciting nonetheless. This is a new season that comes more than 25 years after the last.

    When we finally get to welcome "Twin Peaks" back to the air, it is bound to enthrall us with more mystery. The new teaser, released Friday, shows familiar sights, including the Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department, the Double R diner, the Fat Trout Trailer Park, the fog-laden woods, and more. We don't know how any of these places will play into the latest season yet, but we can't wait to find out.

    Written by show creators Mark Frost and David Lynch, the story picks up 25 years after where "Twin Peaks" Season 2 left off. Multiple stars from the original series are returning, including Kyle MacLachlan (Dale Cooper), Grace Zabriskie (Sarah Palmer), Everett McGill (Ed Hurley), and many others.

    "Twin Peaks" premieres Sunday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showtime.

  2. John Boyega's Star Wars Fame Once Ruined a Date

    Star Wars CelebrationBecoming famous hasn't necessarily helped John Boyega's love life.

    The "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" actor recently appeared on "The Graham Norton Show," where he revealed how his role in the blockbuster once sank a date for him. It's a funny little tale, but the presence of Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, and Orlando Bloom made it even better. The fellow actors added to the fun with amusing commentary, especially Schumer, who couldn't resist a joke about reacting to "a guy with a huge saber."

    As Boyega's dating disaster story goes, he had taken a woman out in New York City. Everything was going well until she asked what he does, just as they happened to be driving through Times Square, where his Star Wars promotional images were on display. He answered the question by showing her, and unfortunately, that put a damper on their date.

    "That picture in itself just kind of affected her," he said, confirming that the relationship didn't go anywhere.

    Alas, they were no Han and Leia (pre-split, that is).

    Watch the hilarious group discuss the story, among other topics, below.

    [via: "The Graham Norton Show"]

  3. Emma Stone Reveals How She Copes With Crippling Anxiety

    Emma StoneEmma Stone just released a video where she talks about how severe her anxiety was as a child: She never thought she could leave home or have a normal life.

    "I truly, as a kid, did not think I would ever be able to move away from home or be apart from people I had separation anxiety with," she says in the video. "It has always been something that I've lived with and it flares up in big ways at different times in my life. Sometimes while it's happening, like while I'm in a phase of big turmoil, it feels like it's never gonna end — but it does."

    Today we are giving you an early look at #MyYoungerSelf.

    Here is the wonderful Emma Stone talking about her social anxiety.

    — Child Mind Institute (@ChildMindDotOrg) April 28, 2017

    The video is part of a campaign from the Child Mind Institute, which gets famous people to talk about their own struggles with metal illness and learning disorders. According to Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz, who's heading the institute's campaign Speak Up for Kids, 17 million kids in the U.S. have a mental health or learning disorder.

    "One of the things that change people's minds about this is when we decrease stigma ... And now I think it's time for us to recognize how real, common and treatable these diseases are," he tells People, citing how important it is for kids to know they're not alone.

    Michael Phelps and Jesse Eisenberg have also shared videos for the Speak Up For Kids campaign, which launches in May.

    Stone, who just won an Oscar for "La La Land," thanks her "great therapist" and the coping strategies she's learned over the years to let her live "a pretty normal and exciting and vibrant life."

  4. Netflix's 'Ingobernable' Renewed for Season 2

    Netflix is bringing back the Spanish-language series "Ingobernable" ("Ungovernable") for a second season.

    The streamer unveiled a video announcement Thursday, promising another round of political drama in 2018. "Ingobernable" Season 2 will bring us another 15 episodes, which means we'll get to see what happens to Emilia (Kate del Castillo), the fictional ex-first lady of Mexico. In Season 1, Emilia had to go on the run after her husband was assassinated and she became a primary suspect. And that was only the beginning.

    From what we can glean from the new video, Season 2 will be just as intense; the announcement shows scenes of protesters (notably with the number 39 painted on their foreheads), violence, explosions, and general chaos. It also teases that Emilia will have to put up a fight to survive.

    A specific release date for "Ingobernable" Season 2 hasn't yet been released, but expect the series to return to Netflix with more next year.

  5. Honest Trailers Does 'The Social Network': 'The World's Smartest Film About the World's Dullest Premise'

    Screen Junkies is back with another installment in its Honest Trailers series, and this time, "The Social Network" is in the hot seat.

    The people behind the film don't have to worry, though: The video has mostly complimentary feedback. Even though the narrator says the Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic has "the world's dullest premise," the reviews are pretty glowing. Sorkin gets praise for making "boring litigation exciting," to the point that the narrators even calls for another Facebook movie.

    Of course, there was some criticism as well. Namely, in regard to the film's accuracy -- or lack thereof.

    "If you want to know the real story behind Facebook, watch something else, because they're bending the truth harder than the news your uncle posts on his wall," we hear.

    We're reminded of the artistic license taken, from Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) looking like an "awkward scowling robot" to his ex-girlfriend who supposedly inspired the site being completely made-up.

    Watch the full video below.

  6. Vin Diesel Throws Mock Fit on 'Ellen' Over Charlize Theron's 'Fast 8' Kissing Feedback

    'Fast & Furious 8' Madrid PhotocallVin Diesel put the "furious" in "The Fate of the Furious" on Tuesday.

    While appearing on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," the actor had a faux tantrum when host DeGeneres brought up how his "Fast 8" co-star Charlize Theron had described his kissing technique in a scene from the movie as "like a dead fish" when she last visited the show. The scene in question is one in which her character, the villainous Cipher, locks lips with Dominic Toretto (Diesel) to prove he has turned his back on his family. He allows it, but he's not exactly an eager participant.

    Still, Diesel offered a glowing review of the kiss to USA Today in early April.

    "Do I know she enjoyed it? Oh, my God, yeah," he said. "A kiss cannot lie, lips don't lie. No, they didn't. She OWNED it."

    Theron, on the other hand, had a very different description.

    "His character is just frozen like a dead fish," DeGeneres quoted her as saying. "He's saying it was the best kiss ever. It was the most psychotic kiss ever. And this whole spiel about how 'lips don't lie' -- I like a little more movement in my men."

    Confronted on Tuesday with the news that her lips did lie, Diesel burst out of his chair -- not once but twice -- yelling, "What?!" in mock outrage. He looked to the "Ellen" audience for support, asking, "Do I look like a dead fish?!"

    For all his shouting, though, Diesel didn't seem to take the feedback personally. Kissing incompatibility aside, he joked that "you don't come on 'Ellen' ... and compare [him] to a dead fish" because the host starred in "Finding Dory." There's kind of a strange logic in that ... maybe?

    Poor Diesel. Maybe he can get his Fast and Furious leading lady Michelle Rodriguez to vouch for his non-fish-like kissing abilities.

  7. Heather Morris Fans Lose It Over 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination

    Former "Glee" star Heather Morris earned a perfect score on last night's "Dancing With the Stars" -- and then got eliminated. Fans took to Twitter to protest on her behalf.

    Heather Morris being eliminated in week 5 has to be the worst and most controversial elimination in all 24 seasons of #DWTS history.

    — antonia (@mirotic2008) April 25, 2017

    So you beg Heather to come on the show twice, under score her, give her shitty spots and then elimate her. Well played @DancingABC

    — Heather Morris News (@HeathMorrisNews) April 25, 2017

    Every #heathermorris fan after #dwts tonight

    — Gossip Girlie (@gossipgirlie22) April 25, 2017

    How I feel about Heather Morris getting eliminated from #DWTS

    — Rachel Villegas (@hernamesrachel) April 25, 2017

    Like we already know who's gonna win, but sending HEATHER MORRIS home before at least 5 other couples is too much. #JusticeForHeather #dwts

    — Roby (@ProudOfNay) April 25, 2017

    Then again, many -- including The Washington Post -- debated whether Morris, who used to be a back-up dancer for Beyoncé, should have even been on the show in the first place.

    Morris told E! Online she was just happy for one last time to be "amazing." Said the actress, "I was very, very excited to get the Disney 10s — and all the 10s — but I watch a lot of reality television. You don't know what's going to happen with these things, but I was very, very happy for the last time to be amazing and to get to dance with Maks [Chmerkovskiy] again... we missed that for the last three weeks."

    Maks told E!, "I I just feel sad we had plans for some amazing Argentine tango, and thinking about freestyle and stuff...but given the caliber of dancer that Heather is, it's only right. It sucks, but it is what it is."

    Pro dancer Peter Murgatroyd told E! she was also shocked by the elimination: "It's kind of awful. Like, the ending was awful. It makes me very upset because Maks was so looking forward to coming back and completing the rest of the season," Murgatroyd said. "I truly thought they were definitely going to be in the finals, like without a doubt. I don't know what happened, I don't know how it happened. I just felt really sorry for them."

    Fans in the studio weren't happy either. "I have to say, in 24 seasons, that's probably the most vocally unhappy reaction we've gotten about a result," host Tom Bergeron said as loud booing erupted from the ticked-off audience.

    What do you think? Was it fair that Heather and Maks got the boot?

    Watch their flawless rumba in the video below:

  8. Colin Firth Returns in First 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' Trailer

    We get a quick glimpse of the not-dead-after-all Harry Hart (Colin Firth) in the first trailer for "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," as well as introductions to new characters played by Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges.

    In the trailer, we see Kingsman HQ blowing up, as well as Eggsy (Taron Egerton) reunited with Merlin (Mark Strong) and tangling with the shotgun-wielding cowboy played by Channing Tatum. Also in western gear: Jeff Bridges. We also get flashes of Julianne Moore, Halle Berry in glasses and Eggsy fighting with a one-armed man.The official synopsis for the sequel:

    "Kingsman: The Secret Service" introduced the world to Kingsman - an independent, international intelligence agency operating at the highest level of discretion, whose ultimate goal is to keep the world safe. In "Kingsman: The Golden Circle," our heroes face a new challenge. When their headquarters are destroyed and the world is held hostage, their journey leads them to the discovery of an allied spy organization in the US called Statesman, dating back to the day they were both founded. In a new adventure that tests their agents' strength and wits to the limit, these two elite secret organizations band together to defeat a ruthless common enemy, in order to save the world, something that's becoming a bit of a habit for Eggsy...

    The movie opens September 29.

  9. James Corden and Anne Hathaway Duet in Rom-Com Medley

    Anne Hathaway performs in Soundtrack to a Rom-Com with James Corden during "The Late Late Show with James Corden," Thursday, April 20, 2017 (12:35 PM-1:37 AM ET/PT) On The CBS Television Network.  Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS ©2017 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights ReservedJames Corden and Anne Hathaway had a whirlwind romance set to a romcom sountrack on last night's "Late Late Show With James Corden."

    First, they meet cute outside an elevator as Hathaway belts out Bonnie Tyler's "I Need a Hero" from "Footloose." He then sings how he fell in love with her with "Just One Look," as the two step into an elevator. Their clothes are disheveled after the elevator doors open and they duet on Selena Gomez's "Can't Keep My Hands to Myself."

    The scene switches to a romantic park where Hathaway warbles "Kiss Me" from "She's All That."

    Next up: A duet of Jazon Mraz's "I'm Yours" in a bathroom where Hathaway sings while brushing their teeth. Then, trouble in paradise, as Hathaway spots a text on Corden's phone and launches into Biz Markie's "Just a Friend."

    The heartache continues with "All By Myself" and "Leaving on a Jet Plane," with Corden pursuing her while singing "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)." It all ends happily (as all romcoms do) with "Let's Stay Together."

    Watch the whole video below:

  10. Stephen Colbert Resurrects His 'Colbert Report' Persona to Say Goodbye to Bill O'Reilly

    The Late Show with Stephen Colbert...There were a number of impassioned reactions to Bill O'Reilly's ousting from Fox News on Wednesday, and two very different ones came from just one man: Stephen Colbert.

    While the "Late Show" host wasn't sad to see Bill O'Reilly go, he brought back his conservative pundit persona Stephen Colbert, who felt differently. The character -- who first appeared on "The Daily Show" in 1997 before getting his own series, the satirical "The Colbert Report" -- is, naturally, Bill O'Reilly's biggest fan. Saying goodbye was painful for him, but he got his chance.

    In his hilarious return, Colbert shamed the nation for having "failed" O'Reilly and informed us that we "didn't deserve this great man." He had plenty say on the world we live in now as well, and expressed surprise that sexual harassment is now a crime. (O'Reilly has denied the allegations against him.) The pundit also offered O'Reilly a strange form of solace: living in a mountain cabin with him and Jon Stewart. Ah, to be a fly on that wall.

    For the return of the pundit Stephen Colbert, watch below, starting around 3:50.

    "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" airs weeknights at 11:35 p.m. ET/PT on NBC.

  11. Netflix's 'The Keepers' Trailer Previews the Next True Crime Obsession

    Morbid as it may be, true crime docuseries are all the rage these days, and Netflix has to be hoping "The Keepers" becomes the new "Making a Murderer."

    Netflix recently revealed a poster for the seven-part murder documentary on the disappearance, death, and cover-up of the murder of Sister Cathy Sesnik.

    Today, Netflix posted the trailer:

    Here's the full synopsis from Netflix:

    "From director Ryan White (The Case Against 8, Good Ol' Freda) comes The Keepers, a riveting seven-part documentary series about the unsolved murder of a Baltimore nun and the horrific secrets and pain that linger nearly five decades after her death.

    The series opens with the story of Sister Cathy Cesnik, a beloved nun and Catholic high school teacher in Baltimore who went missing on Nov. 7, 1969. Nearly two months later, her body was found – and, to this day, her murder remains unsolved.

    The case returned to the spotlight in the 1990s when one of Sister Cathy's former students – a woman only known as 'Jane Doe' – came forward to share her experience of horrendous sexual abuse by the high school's chaplain. Incredibly, 'Jane Doe' revealed she was also taken to Sister Cathy's undiscovered body and told, 'See what happens when you say bad things about people.' Despite this and testimony from other victims and witnesses of abuse, no one was held accountable, and the story was largely unreported outside of Baltimore.

    Through conversations with dozens of friends, relatives, journalists, government officials and Baltimore citizens determined to uncover the truth, White pieces together a story that goes beyond the death of a beloved Catholic schoolteacher to encompass clergy abuse, repressed memories and government and religious institutions that he says 'at best, dropped the ball over the last 45 years – and, at worst, covered it up.'"

    What a tragic story. This should be pretty intense, and maddening, to watch when it arrives Friday, May 19 on Netflix.

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  12. Keira Knightley Spotted in 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5' International Trailer

    It appears Keira Knightley is no longer disinclined to acquiesce to our request that she join the crew of "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales."

    A new international trailer for the fifth "Pirates" movie just came out, and most of it is recycled from what we've seen before. But about a minute into the action, we see a brief but definitive shot of (former captain in her own right, never forget) Elizabeth Swann Turner.

    Our poppet still looks gorgeous. Elizabeth's true love, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), is also returning for this movie, and he was first seen in a recent TV spot. Elizabeth and Will sat out the fourth movie, "On Stranger Tides," after ending "At World's End" with the promise of a reunion. Will became the captain of the Flying Dutchman, separating him from Elizabeth for a decade, but a post-credits scene showed Will sailing to an island to be reunited with Miss Swann and their son.

    It's possible this one shot of Elizabeth in the new trailer is about all we'll get in "Pirates 5." According to a TooFab report from December 2016, Knightley's return is a "small cameo during the end credits" and "apparently hints to a potential larger role in the sixth 'Pirates' movie."

    "Dead Men Tell No Tales" will follow Elizabeth and Will's now older son, Henry (Brenton Thwaites), who searches for answers about his father, with help from Carina (Kaya Scodelario) and Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp).

    "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" arrives in theaters May 26.

    [via: EW]

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  13. Dylan O'Brien Resurfaces to Promote 'American Assassin' Trailer

    Hey, stranger! Dylan O'Brien just tweeted to his 4.6 million followers for the first time since October 2016, to promote the trailer for his upcoming movie "American Assassin."

    You may recall how, last year around this time, O'Brien was recovering from serious injuries suffered on the set of "Maze Runner: The Death Cure." In May 2016, it was reported that O'Brien was set to play Mitch Rapp in "American Assassin," based on Vince Flynn's bestselling series, with Michael Keaton as co-star.

    Fast-forward to today, and O'Brien broke his Twitter silence to tweet this teaser for the "American Assassin" trailer:

    #AmericanAssassin teaser out today. Here's a teaser for the teaser.

    — Dylan O'Brien (@dylanobrien) April 18, 2017

    Most of the replies are just fans expressing shock that he actually tweeted. As Teen Vogue noted, O'Brien has been "pretty MIA" since his "Maze Runner" accident, and he was nowhere to be found when the "Teen Wolf" cast got together to celebrate the show's 100th episode milestone. However, it's likely he just had a scheduling conflict with "Maze Runner," which halted filming after O'Brien's injury, but is now back in action and expected to be released January 12, 2018.

    Anyway, the full trailer for "American Assassin" is now out: Here's the film's synopsis, from CBS Films:

    "AMERICAN ASSASSIN follows the rise of Mitch Rapp (Dylan O'Brien), a CIA black ops recruit under the instruction of Cold War veteran Stan Hurley (Michael Keaton). The pair is then enlisted by CIA Deputy Director Irene Kennedy (Sanaa Lathan) to investigate a wave of apparently random attacks on both military and civilian targets. Together the three discover a pattern in the violence leading them to a joint mission with a lethal Turkish agent (Shiva Negar) to stop a mysterious operative (Taylor Kitsch) intent on starting a World War in the Middle East."

    The movie, potentially the first of a series, is scheduled for release in theaters on September 15.

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  14. Riz Ahmed and James Corden Trade Insults in 'Drop the Mic' Rap Battle

    Riz Ahmed and James Corden threw down some sick burns on last night's "Drop the Mic," with no holds barred.

    Ahmed got zinged for his role in "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story," with Corden saying the actor was worse than Jar Jar Binks.

    "I know ruining a 'Star Wars' is seen as unlawful/But here's a 'Rogue One' spoiler -- in it he's awful," Corden rapped. "Honestly it's mean to say in 'Star Wars' he stinks/He made me miss the days of Jar Jar Binks/Your sex scene in 'Girls' might need an acting class/You didn't need to get naked to show us you're an ass/'The Night Of' it's a murder mystery right?/Well there's no mystery here because I'm killing you tonight."

    Ahmed's response? The "Late Late Show" host couldn't get a role in the franchise, because they weren't casting "Jabba the Hutt's dad." Ouch!

    Corden then compared the actor (who raps with Swet Shop Boys), to "the world's worst version of Will Smith." That prompted Ahmed to diss the TV host: "You look like Matt Damon if he only ate butter" and dismiss him as a "singing Uber driver."

    Among those name-dropped: Sean Spicer, Kendall Jenner, and United Airlines.

    Watch the whole rap battle in the video below:

  15. Simone Biles Gets Pranked by Her 'DWTS' Partner on 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'

    'Dancing With The Stars' Season 24 Premiere - ArrivalsOlympian and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant Simone Biles is the latest celebrity to fall victim to one of Ellen DeGeneres's sneaky pranks.

    The gymnast got quite the scare while sitting down for a recent interview on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." Although the talk show host warned Biles that her "DWTS" partner, Sasha Farber, is a "prankster," the gold medalist was completely caught unawares. This worked out well for viewers, because it made for a priceless reaction when Farber did finally pull a prank on his co-star.

    The professional dancer and DeGeneres get a 10 for their work. As simple as their prank was, they executed it executed perfectly and were rewarded with a terrified shriek any practical joker would hope for.

    Watch Biles's appearance on "Ellen" below, and keep an eye out for the flawless prank around 3:50.

    If you want more of Biles and Farber, you can catch them on "Dancing With the Stars" on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

  16. 'SNL': Watch Alec Baldwin Eliminate a White House Adviser a la Tyra Banks

    Donald Trump may be known for firing people on "The Apprentice," but the latest "Saturday Night Live" episode had him eliminating one of his top advisers in true Tyra Banks style.

    Alec Baldwin returned to "SNL" for yet another hilarious Trump impression over the weekend, and he dealt with the rumored discord between White House advisers Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, among other topical issues. Wearing a Russian flag pin and his signature Trump look, Baldwin revisited the accomplishments of the administration so far before, and then called in his two top advisers for an important decision. "SNL" vet Jimmy Kimmel hosted the episode, so he was on hand to play Trump's "little Kush ball."

    The sketch paid homage to the dramatic eliminations of "America's Next Top Model," right down to the one photo in the president's hand revealing who would stay on. (The loser would be sent to join Kellyanne Conway in the basement.) Watch Baldwin do Trump acting like Banks below.

    "Saturday Night Live" airs at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

  17. 'SNL': Melissa McCarthy's Easter Spicey Was Live From L.A., Not New York

    Live from L.A., it's "Saturday Night" with Spicey! Melissa McCarthy brought her brilliant Sean Spicer impression back to "Saturday Night Live" on April 15th, with the White House Press Secretary dressed as an Easter Bunny and "apologizing" for his recent gaffes.

    It was the first episode to be live from coast-to-coast -- usually "SNL" is just live for Eastern and Central viewers. However, Vulture confirmed that McCarthy's segment was actually taped live in Los Angeles, not in the NYC studio.

    McCarthy teased as much in an Instagram clip captioned "Spicey gone wild!!! #LiveFromLA." A source told Vulture the show shipped the Spicer costume out to the West Coast ahead of time, with the sketch telecast live from an L.A. studio, and McCarthy also doing her dress rehearsal remotely from L.A.

    Vulture added:

    "I'm told this isn't the first time the show has shot something live in L.A. (so, not including pre-tapes and video pieces), though it is extremely rare. McCarthy being out of the 30 Rock studio is why this version of the sketch got relatively less response from the audience, and why it seemed like her pacing wasn't exactly matching up with the laughs. (There wasn't an audience in the L.A. studio.)"

    We don't yet know if the show plans on using this approach as a permanent work-around to the logistical challenge of having given high-profile impressions to busy movie stars."

    Watch the sketch:
    Former SNL-er Jimmy Fallon hosted the Easter weekend show, with Harry Styles as musical guest.

    Here are a few more videos from the night:'

    "SNL" will continue its live coast-to-coast episodes on May 6, with Chris Pine as host. Then McCarthy returns to host the May 13 episode, then Dwayne Johnson closes the season on May 20.

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  18. The 'Outlander' Season 3 Trailer & Photos Are Heartbreaking

    The "Outlander" clan has been loved well this week, getting a few first look photos from Starz, and then the first trailer for Season 3, airing before "The White Princess." The 13 episodes of Season 3 won't arrive until September, but this should help make the Droughtlander less painful.

    The trailer shows Jamie in the 18th century, during the Battle of Culloden, and Claire back in her modern timeline -- with Frank, daughter Brianna, and her work at the hospital. It's hard to see them apart, living separate lives, but that will change. But when they do reunite, they will naturally have changed as people, too.

    Jamie gets the only lines in the trailer, and they are swoon-worthy.

    • "Goodbye, Claire."

    • "I have lied, killed, and broken trust. But when I stand before God, I'll have one thing to say to weigh against all the rest: Lord, ye gave me a rare woman. God! I loved her well."

    • "I'll find you. ... I promise."

    The Season 3 teaser takes our breath away! Relive #Outlander with the @STARZ app before it returns this September:

    — Outlander (@Outlander_STARZ) April 17, 2017

    Here are some new Season 3 photos:

    And here's the official synopsis for Season 3, which is based on "Voyager," the third of eight books by Diana Gabaldon:

    "In Season Three of 'Outlander,' the story picks up right after Claire travels through the stones to return to her life in 1948. Now pregnant, she struggles with the fallout of her sudden reappearance and its effect on her marriage to her first husband, Frank. Meanwhile, in the 18th century, Jamie suffers from the aftermath of his doomed last stand at the historic battle of Culloden, as well as the loss of Claire. As the years pass, Jamie and Claire attempt to make a life apart from one another, each haunted by the memory of their lost love. The budding possibility that Claire can return to Jamie in the past breathes new hope into Claire's heart... as well as new doubt. Separated by continents and centuries, Claire and Jamie must find their way back to each other. As always, adversity, mystery, and adventure await them on the path to reunion. And the question remains: when they find each other, will they be the same people who parted at the standing stones, all those years ago?"

    Production and filming for "Outlander" Season 3 is continuing in Cape Town, South Africa. "Outlander" Season 3 will premiere in September.

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  19. 'Dear White People' Trailer Makes a Serious Issue Hilarious

    Most discussions about racism don't lead to laughter, but Netflix's upcoming TV series "Dear White People" manages to tie in plenty of humor.

    The streamer dropped a new trailer Thursday, and it highlights the prevalence of everyday racism with hilarious yet realistic situations. Like the 2014 film it's based on, the show is set at a predominantly white Ivy League college and follows several students of color who confront racism in various ways. We see plenty of examples throughout the preview, from conversations about slavery to a white student being shocked that a party with blackface would still happen in 2017.

    While racial justice is clearly a central theme of "Dear White People," the issue isn't the only one explored. The Justin Simien-created show also looks at the college experience, young adulthood, sexuality, and more. Based on the trailer, we expect them all to be tackled with wit and compelling storylines.

    Watch the full trailer below.

    "Dear White People" comes to Netflix on April 28.

  20. 'Grey's Anatomy' Clip Reveals Both Meredith & Riggs Have Survived Plane Crashes

    "Grey's Anatomy" is giving fans another scary plane crisis in tonight's Season 13, Episode 20, "In the Air Tonight," -- and you know the United jokes will be flying off Twitter.

    As it turns out, both Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) and Nathan Riggs (Martin Henderson) have been in plane crashes before. "Grey's" fans know all about Mer's suffering from the Season 8 finale, when we lost Little Grey. Riggs shares his own plane crash story -- which can't really compare -- in this sneak peek scene:

    ABC's second sneak peek shows Mer and Riggs in the tiny airplane bathroom, with Riggs arguing that Mer made eyes at him and wanted him to follow her into the can. It would be creepy apart from his flirty banter and the bouncy music:

    The full promo has already shown that this flight gets SERIOUSLY bumpy. Fans can't handle another plane crash, so hopefully this one has a happy ending for Meredith and Riggs -- whether they end up together together or not.

    "Grey's Anatomy" airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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  21. 'Survivor': Jeff Varner Calls Outing Zeke as Trans 'the Worst Decision of My Life'

    "Survivor: Game Changers" had quite a memorable night last night, and both Zeke Smith and Jeff Varner are now speaking out to share their sides of what happened.

    Varner knew he was about to be voted out, so he got desperate at tribal council and -- in an attempt to show Zeke's "deception" -- asked why he hadn't told anyone he was transgender. When that got a huge, instant, angry response from the rest of the tribe, Varner tried to argue that he thought Zeke was already out -- at least to the world and "Survivor" at large, just not the people in their tribe. But Zeke had decided not to reveal he was transgender in his first season on "Survivor," hoping to just play as Zeke and not "the trans Survivor player," and this was his very public outing in front of the tribe, Jeff Probst, and millions of viewers.

    Fans reacted on social media with support for Zeke, and Varner posted a statement acknowledging he did a very bad thing:

    — Jeff Varner (@JEFFVARNER) April 13, 2017

    And yet his Twitter is also filled with supportive retweets like "I know tonight may be rough, but as someone who has said a lot of things I shouldn't have, I support you no matter what" and "just 2 preface...know ur not intentionally malicious, when we make mistakes luckily cameras aren't ' ya!"

    Jeff Probst had his usual post-episode Q&A with Entertainment Weekly to talk about what happened, but he never explained how the conversation went when it comes to sharing all of that on TV. The show decides what to leave in and what to edit out, and even though it would've been dang near impossible to cut the outing of Zeke -- since the tribe didn't even vote out Varner, he just left after they agreed Varner should leave -- it would be interesting to know if there was a conversation in which Zeke had a say on what to show.

    I am reading all of your reactions to tonight's #survivor tribal council. @zekerchief has been an amazing partner through all of this.

    — Jeff Probst (@JeffProbst) April 13, 2017

    You should read Zeke Smith's guest column in The Hollywood Reporter about his whole experience, including how he felt during that tribal council. Here's a section:

    "I am forever grateful that Probst gave me time to collect myself. Were I in the hands of a lesser leader, I'm sure questions would've been peppered my way before I was ready to receive them. I could not have responded in the manner in which I did had he not held the wheel while I got my bearings.

    I tuned back in to the conversation and found chaos — tears, yelling, anger, but mostly confusion. I needed to calm everyone down. My chance to re-enter appeared — an opportunity to provide clarification. I spoke as calmly as I possibly could. Each word came slowly. Typically, my brain races far ahead of my ability to form words, but then it trudged, carefully selecting its path. My right leg settled down, but my left still jittered.

    I took solace in my tribemates. They defended me passionately. Even Probst, the most neutral of arbiters, had my back. My left leg settled, and with it the group. Tears dried, voices lowered, and the attention turned to me to make sense of what happened. I didn't know what to say. [...]

    I don't believe Varner hates trans people, just as I don't believe conservative politicians who attack trans people actually care where we use the bathroom. For both, trans people make easy targets for those looking to invoke prejudice in order to win votes. Thankfully, my tribemates rebuffed his hateful tactics. After 18 days starving and competing with me, they knew exactly the man I am, and after that Tribal Council, we all knew exactly the man Varner is.

    [....] I looked to Varner, now the one hunched and quivering, and contemplated the backlash he would face. When he said what he said, he changed both of our lives forever. When he pulled me in for a hug, I felt compelled to reciprocate, both as a sign that I was willing to forgive him and that the shots he had fired missed.

    But, if we're being perfectly honest with one another, I've struggled with that forgiveness in the months following. I can't foresee us sipping martinis together in Fire Island. While I can reconcile the personal slight of him outing me, I continue to be troubled by his willingness to deploy such a dangerous stereotype on a global platform.

    But forgiveness does not require friendship. Forgiveness does not require forgetting or excusing his actions. Forgiveness requires hope. Hope that he understands the injury he caused and does not inflict it upon others. Hope that whatever torments his soul will plague him no more. I have hope for Jeff Varner. I just choose to hope from afar, thank you very much."

    Read the full post. "Survivor," with Zeke still competing, continues Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on CBS.

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  22. 'Beatriz at Dinner' Trailer: Salma Hayek and John Lithgow Get Political

    After premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in late January, "Beatriz at Dinner" is closing in on its release date.

    Roadside Attractions released a new trailer Wednesday, and it shows off the film's star-studded cast and central conflict. In the preview, we see a dinner party get awkward when two attendees, Beatriz (Salma Hayek) and Doug (John Lithgow), meet and express opposing views on, well, everything, from hunting to money. The tension isn't subtle, especially as Doug, a real estate mogul, voices offensive assumptions about Beatriz based on the fact that she's a Mexican immigrant.

    If Doug reminds you of anyone, like, say, the current president of the United States, that's not an accident. Writer Mike White told the Los Angeles Times in January that the idea for the story came to him around the time Cecil the Lion was killed and Donald Trump announced his campaign for the presidency.The film, which is directed by Miguel Arteta, also stars Connie Britton, Chloë Sevigny, Jay Duplass, David Warshofsky, Amy Landecker, and John Early.

    "Beatriz at Dinner" is scheduled to open in June.

  23. 'Sand Castle' Clip: Henry Cavill Tries to Fix Water Problems in a War Zone

    A simple job is going to prove anything but.

    Netflix's upcoming war flick "Sand Castle" starts streaming this month, and a new clip, released Tuesday by IGN, sets the stage. In it, we see Henry Cavill, as Special Forces Capt. Syverson, explaining a vital operation to a group of fellow American soldiers. Among them is Private Matt Ocre (Nicholas Hoult), a green serviceman who will experience the realities of war firsthand as they tackle their challenging job.

    Syverson makes it seem easy in the clip, though. "Your job is real simple," he says. "You keep that water flowing, win the hearts and minds, and then the Iraqis start pointing fingers and giving me and the boys some targets to hit."

    We'll see that there's much more to it then that -- the troops will have to do their best to keep themselves and the village safe.

    "Sand Castle" debuts on Netflix on April 21.

    [via: IGN/YouTube]

  24. 'Thor: Ragnarok' Trailer Breaks 24-Hour Viewing Record for Marvel & Disney

    Millions of fans rushed to watch Thor reunite with "a friend from work" when the first "Thor: Ragnarok" trailer arrived on Monday, April 10.

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, that trailer earned more than 136 million views in 24 hours, making it the most-viewed Marvel trailer ever, and also the most-viewed across the studio's parent and sibling brands -- including Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars."Thor: Ragnarok" stole the title from "Beauty and the Beast," which previously held Disney's 24-hour record with 127.6 million views. Next in line is Lucasfilm's "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" with 112 million views in 24 hours, then Marvel's "Captain America: Civil War" with 94 million views.

    It may be tough for "Thor: Ragnarok" to hold on to this title for long, since the first trailer for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" will want to break it, and it's said to debut at Star Wars Celebration, which is happening April 13-16. We could see a new Marvel/Disney/Lucasfilm family favorite very soon.

    "Thor: Ragnarok" opens November 3. Watch the record-breaking first trailer again over here.

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  25. 'The Mist' TV Series Trailer Looks Very Different From the Movie

    From l to r:  Bryan Hunt (Okezie Morro), Kevin Copeland (Morgan Spector), Adrian Garf (Russell Posner) and Mia Lambert (Danica Curcic) band together when a foreboding mist arrives in one small town ushering in a terrifying new reality for its residents, putting their humanity to the test.  Based on a story by Stephen King, Spike TV's orginal scripted series THE MIST premieres on Thursday, June 22 at 10 PM, ET/PT.Stephen King's novella, "The Mist," is getting its own TV series on Spike, and the new trailer highlights how different it will be from the 2007 movie.

    Frank Darabont directed the movie, starring a bunch of people who then went with him to make "The Walking Dead" for AMC. This new series was created by Christian Torpe, who told Entertainment Weekly he wants to be "respectful to the source material" without copying the "great adaptation" already out there on film.

    "The novella is 200 pages and one location, and we needed to change that to make an ongoing series. But we wanted to remain faithful to the heart of the story." He said the TV series will be set at several locations, including a church and a mall. "We establish different little pressure cookers under the influence of whoever the leader would be in those locations. Each of them come up with different theories or beliefs about what's going on. Eventually, the story lines will dovetail and turn into conflicts."

    Here's Spike's trailer, which includes the tagline "Fear. Human. Nature":"The Mist" -- starring Morgan Spector, Alyssa Sutherland, Gus Birney, Danica Curcic, Okezie Morro, Luke Cosgrove, Darren Pettie, Russell Posner, Dan Butler, Isiah Washington, Jr., and Frances Conroy. -- premieres Thursday, June 22 at 10 p.m. on Spike TV.

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