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  1. More daddies, more problems. Check out the new trailer for #DaddysHome2, in theatres this November!

  2. Check out the new international trailer for #Transformers: The Last Knight, and get your tickets now!…

  3. Get tickets now for Optimus Prime Time & be the first to see #Transformers: The Last Knight on 6/20 at 7PM! Tickets…

  4. The countdown is on to save the #Transformers. Like this video to help them out!

  5. When all seems lost, a few brave souls can save everything we’ve ever known. Watch the new #Transformers trailer no…

  6. Prepare to rethink your history. The new @Transformers trailer debuts Wednesday.

  7. "A thousand years we’ve kept it hidden… the secret history of @Transformers.”

  8. Check out this new spot from @GhostInShell, in theaters March 31.

  9. Congratulations @ViolaDavis! #Oscars

  10. Read about @ElanMastai's new time travel novel, All Our Wrong Todays, out now!

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