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  1. A New Podcast Rekindles a Box-Office Bomb
    Julie Salamon, the author of a 1991 book about the filming of “The Bonfire of the Vanities,” returns to Hollywood history — and her own.
  2. Venice Film Festival: ‘Dune’ Leaves Us With 3 Big Questions
    After watching the world premiere, our columnist has a better idea of the risks and expectations as the film heads to the box office and awards season.
  3. James Gunn Nearly Blew Up His Career. Now He’s Back With ‘The Suicide Squad.’
    The “Guardians of the Galaxy” director talks about the Twitter controversy that got him temporarily fired from Marvel, and his crossover to the DC franchise.
  4. ‘In the Heights’ Will Premiere at the Tribeca Festival
    The movie musical is set to play the United Palace in Washington Heights, the neighborhood where the story is set. It will also screen outdoors in all five boroughs.
  5. AT&T's WarnerMedia Group to Merge With Discovery
    AT&T’s WarnerMedia group is merging with the reality programmer Discovery. What does that mean for your favorite shows?
  6. AT&T-Discovery Deal Would Create a Media Juggernaut
    A merger could be announced as soon as Monday, in a deal that would offload the media business that AT&T fought to buy.
  7. Frank Gehry Is Too Busy to Retire
    The Pritzker-winning architect is focusing on social justice projects — and can be something of a lightning rod — but he also has lighthearted pursuits.
  8. Creator of ‘All Rise’ on CBS Is Fired After Writers’ Complaints
    Greg Spottiswood had faced numerous complaints over the way issues of race and gender were addressed on the show, a rare prime-time CBS drama with a Black woman as a protagonist.
  9. As lockdowns ease, Regal Cinemas will reopen after six months.
    The plans announced by the U.S. movie theater chain’s parent company, Cineworld, coincide with an exclusive multiyear agreement with Warner Bros.
  10. Zack Snyder on 'Justice League' and His Rough and Tumble Ride
    The director digs into his exit from the original version of the epic and what led to his edit, the Snyder Cut, which HBO Max will release Thursday. “Am I a provocateur? A little bit.”


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