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NYT > Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
  1. Hogwarts Legacy Sells 12 Million Copies During Dispute Over Rowling
    The video game generated $850 million in sales in two weeks. Online discussion before its release was largely about the “Harry Potter” creator J.K. Rowling’s comments on transgender issues.
  2. Superman Is Driving DC Studios’ New Strategy
    The yet-to-be-cast “Superman: Legacy” will begin a story that unfolds across at least 10 interconnected movies and TV shows, with Batman, Swamp Thing and others.
  3. How Streaming Has Rewritten the Script for Movies
    As a business and a cultural pursuit, Hollywood is in a state of chaos that has been growing year by year.
  4. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon to Start Independent Production Company, Artists Equity
    Unlike streaming services and most studios, they plan to share profits with their actors and off-camera artisans.
  5. Two Leading Horror Movie Producers Will Soon Join Forces
    Jason Blum and James Wan are in advanced talks to merge their companies and create a massive horror film factory.
  6. Streaming Services Want to Fill the Family Movie Void
    With theatrical releases way down, the streaming giants have been pumping out multigenerational fare, including a number of live-action films.
  7. Venice: ‘Don’t Worry Darling’ Faces the Press, but Where Is Florence Pugh?
    Though the movie’s star skipped the media session, director Olivia Wilde called rumors of their feud ‘endless tabloid gossip.’
  8. These Reboots of Cartoon Classics Are Exceptional, Delightful Art
    Looney Tunes and Disney delivered wit and joy in their updates on old favorites.
  9. In Echo of Soviet Era, Russia’s Movie Theaters Turn to Pirate Screenings
    In a Cold War throwback, some venues are showing bootleg versions after Hollywood studios pulled films from the country. Still, viewer numbers have tanked.
  10. New Era Begins at Warner Bros., Back Toward Its Entertainment Roots
    With a new owner, the 99-year-old movie studio appears headed back to its traditional sweet spot as an entertainment company. But the business of Hollywood is no longer the same.
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