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Jacqueline-lrg  Jacqueline Monahan’s Top Ten Films of 2015

Here is the list:

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Jacqueline Monahan's Top Ten of 2014 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1526-jacqueline-monahan-s-top-ten-of-2014 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1526-jacqueline-monahan-s-top-ten-of-2014

Jacqueline  Monahan



Even though 2014 has come and gone in a flash, these films have burned brightly enough to land on this list intact, undiluted, and positively throbbing with accomplishment.

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Jacqueline Monahan's Top Ten Films of 2013 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1400-jacqueline-monahan-s-top-ten-films-of-2013 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1400-jacqueline-monahan-s-top-ten-films-of-2013

Jacqueline Monahan’s Top Ten Films of 2013


This year flew by as swiftly as a pop-up facial tissue leaves its box before another is pulled.  In that interim, I’ve seen an array of films, good and bad, but certainly not all of them.  Listed below is a selection of ten of the best the year had to offer, in no particular order, except perhaps the first one.  That deserves to be in the Number One spot.    –JM

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Las Vegas Film Festival 2013 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1330-las-vegas-film-festival-2013 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1330-las-vegas-film-festival-2013

Jacqueline  Monahan

 The Las Vegas Film Festival 2013: An Independent Showcase

Jacqueline Monahan is an educator for the GEAR UP program at UNLV.
She is also an entertainment reporter for Lasvegasroundtheclock.com

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Las Vegas Film Festival Offers Docs, Blocks and More

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Jacqueline Monahan's Top Ten of 2011 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1030-jacqueline-monahans-top-ten-of-2011 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/1030-jacqueline-monahans-top-ten-of-2011

Jacqueline Monahan’s Top Ten Films of 2011

Not having seen every single film to come out in 2011, I can only comment on what has penetrated into my own cinematic consciousness thus far.  The following ten films have stuck with me for varying reasons.  I hope I have veered somewhat from some of the “safe” choices, adding a dash of eccentricity, quirk, and discovery.

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Las Vegas Film Festival 2011 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/927-las-vegas-film-festival-2011 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/927-las-vegas-film-festival-2011

 Jacqueline Monahan


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Five Worst Films of 2010 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/803-five-worst-folms-of-2010 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/803-five-worst-folms-of-2010

Jacqueline Monahan’s Five Worst Films of 2010
(Plus Some Big Disappointments)

Bad films will be with us to the end, like the cockroaches that are expected to survive nuclear war.  You can bet some trust-fund baby with his own RED digital camera will capture the atomic flash and resulting mushroom cloud with a Tommy Chong-like “Oh wow, man,” before the scene fades away, left for some post-apocalyptic wanderer to discover.   That would still be a better legacy to mankind than the following:

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Top Ten of 2010 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/802-top-ten-of-2010-sp-1885214457 http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/802-top-ten-of-2010-sp-1885214457

Jacqueline Monahan’s Top Ten of 2010

2010.  The year sounds so futuristic it’s hard to believe that there aren’t hovercraft hurtling just above the streets.  While that hasn’t happened yet there are still some things that continue on, like sorting out and choosing the best films of the year.  Here are mine, chosen only from what I’ve seen.  So here we go, with apologies to Blue Valentine and The Secret in Their Eyes, etc.

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Las Vegas International Film Festival at The Hilton Hotel & Casino http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/678-las-vegas-international-film-festival-at-the-hilton-hotel-a-casino http://mail.theflickchicks.com/index.php/features-sp-1686761358/feature-articles/jacqueline-monahan/678-las-vegas-international-film-festival-at-the-hilton-hotel-a-casino

Jacqueline Monahan

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