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Hosted by Ryan "Agent M" Penagos, Lorraine Cink, and James Monroe Iglehart, This Week in Marvel is the official Marvel podcast giving you inside access to all the latest Marvel comics, TV, movies, games, toys, and beyond! Tweet your questions with #ThisWeekinMarvel or email Follow This Week in Marvel to hear the newest episodes when they go live and subscribe to Marvel Podcasts Unlimited for early access to new Marvel shows, ad-free on Apple Podcasts or listen in the SiriusXM app!
This Week in Marvel
  1. Fangoria Halloween, Devil’s Reign, New Game Launch!

    We’ve got new trailers, footage, and more for Marvel Studios’ Eternals and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy video game! Iconic comics coming to Penguin Classics. So much to be excited about, you might forget that this month is all about being afraid!

    That’s why Fangoria Editor-in-Chief Phil Nobile Jr. and Digital Editor Angel Melanson chat with Ryan and Lorraine about all the frightful Halloween goodness coming to the famous magazine this October, as well as how Marvel horror stories nourished their taste for terror as kids.

    Plus, in honor of Meet The Blind Month, writer Chip Zdarsky gives us a sneak peek at the upcoming adventures of Daredevil in Devil’s Reign! 


    News – 1:51

    Interview w/ Chip Zdarsky – 5:09

    Interview w/ Phil Nobile Jr. & Angel Melanson – 20:28

    Community – 46:16

  2. Hawkeye, Gamora & Nebula, Ghost Rider updates, and EPIC What If…? finale!

    The finale of Marvel Studios’ What If…? was EPIC!!!! The brand-new Marvel’s Wastelanders: Hawkeye podcast is finally upon us!! A preview of upcoming adventures in Marauders Annual #1!! So much to discuss, and Ryan and Lorraine cover it all.

    Plus, the author of Gamora & Nebula: Sisters in Arms joins to chat about writing canon and fanfiction, her love of Star Wars, and everyone’s favorite green and blue sisters! We also find out what other Marvel siblings you love – including Thor and Loki, T’Challa and Shuri, and more!


    News: 1:42
    Interview w/ Mackenzi Lee:  11:10
    Community: 40:37

  3. Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye Sneak Peek!

    Forty years ago, the villains of the world rose up and killed all the heroes. Well, all the heroes that mattered. The sole survivor of the Avengers, Hawkeye (Stephen Lang) is now a sideshow freak, re-living the worst day of his life for paying audiences. He's surly, broken, and losing his sight, but there's still that fire in him to be a hero, to avenge his friends. And he's ready to do what needs to be done: killing every last person responsible for the deaths of those he loved the most. Marvel's Wastelanders: Hawkeye is the second installment in the Marvel's Wastelanders audio epic. Written by J. Holtham (Supergirl, Jessica Jones), directed by Rachel Chavkin (Hadestown), with sound design by One Thousand Birds and an original score by James Harrison Monaco and JJJJJerome Ellis. Learn more at

  4. Behind the Scenes of What If…? And Could Ultron Exist in Real Life?

    What if Ultron, Vision, or Jarvis were real? Is that even possible? We spoke to science communicator and Marvel superfan Jordan Harrod to find out. Then, the hypotheticals continue as we sit down with Marvel Studios What If…? head writer/executive producer A.C. Bradley, animation supervisor Stephan Franck, and composer Laura Karpman for a flurry of juicy behind-the-scenes stories from the show!


    Plus Ryan, Lorraine, and James dish on everything from Venom: Let There Be Carnage to a new Okoye novel to Marvel’s many connections to The Tony Awards.


    News - 2:24

    Ask An Expert w/ Jordan Harrod - 4:06

    Interview w/ A.C. Bradley - 18:13

    Interview w/ Stephan Franck - 28:21

    Interview w/ Laura Karpman - 45:48

    Community -1:02:14

  5. Venom/Carnage, SMOSH, Shang-Chi Cast Interview, and New Marvel Podcasts!

    What do Hamilton, the sequel to Disney’s Enchanted, and TWIM all have in common?! The incredible James Monroe Iglehart, of course – and this week, we celebrate his triumphant return! Ian Hecox and Ify Nwadiwe from SMOSH talk about Marvel and pranks, plus special guest Meng’er Zhang from Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings joins to chat about behind-the-scenes fun and field trips!

    Ryan, Lorraine, and James get excited about some huge Marvel podcast news, including a brand-new Marvel Podcasts Unlimited channel on Apple Podcasts! We also have some major comics announcements with the Venom/Carnage Infinity Comic, Ben Reilly: Spider-Man, and more!!

    News – 2:48
    Interview w/ Ian Hecox and Ify Nwadiwe – 19:46
    Interview w/ Meng’er Zhang – 44:46
    Community – 56:35

  6. Awkwafina, New Wolverine Game, Hawkeye Trailer Reveals!

    Awkwafina joins us to spill behind-the-scenes secrets from Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings! The co-authors of the new Black Nerd Problems book also sit down for a super fun conversation about comics and what the word “nerd” even means.

    Plus, Ryan and Lorraine chat about the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye and get the inside scoop from Marvel Games about last week’s PlayStation Showcase announcements – are you sure you found all the Easter eggs in the Marvel’s Wolverine trailer?!


    News – 1:56

    Interview w/ Bill Rosemann – 5:20

    Interview w/ William Evans & Omar Holman – 22:40

    Interview w/ Awkwafina  – 46:28

    Community – 57:28

  7. New Wolverine & Spider-Man Games, Major Comics News, & More!

    HUGE news for games and comics this week, from Marvel’s Wolverine to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 to the new Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy story trailer! Ryan and Lorraine also talk about the big Marvel Unlimited app relaunch, featuring an all-new digital comic format – Infinity Comics! The writer of the new Infinity Comic “It’s Jeff!” joins us to talk about the delightful Jeff the Land Shark.

    Plus, we have an extra-special visitor from Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings – Razor Fist himself, actor Florian Munteanu!


    News – 1:06

    Interview w/ Mary DeMarle – 3:27

    Interview w/ Kelly Thompson and Stephen Wacker – 8:49

    Interview w/ Florian Munteanu  – 32:51

    Community – 46:13

  8. Shang-Chi Star & Director, Comics Announcements, and More!

    We’re sitting down with star Simu Liu and director Destin Daniel Cretton to celebrate Marvel Studios’ Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings!! Plus, we hear what YOU’RE most excited to see in the movie!

    Ryan and Lorraine also chat about the thrilling slate of upcoming comic releases, a second season of Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends, and new gameplay from Marvel’s Midnight Suns!!

    News – 2:05

    Interview w/ Simu Liu  – 16:44

    Interview w/ Destin Daniel Cretton  – 28:56

    Community – 40:52

  9. Spider-Man trailer, Eternals, and What If...? Interviews!

    You asked for it… the trailer for Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man: No Way Home has ARRIVED!!! And we have a huge week for Marvel Studios’ What If…?. Episode 3 is out, Ryan and Lorraine talk to the Watcher himself, Jeffrey Wright, and director Bryan Andrews, and fans share their favorite What If…? moments!

    Ryan and Lorraine also chat about the just announced Marvel's Midnight Suns video game, Hasbro Pulse Con 2021, and Marvel Future Revolution. Plus... Galactus is fully funded!!!

    News - 1:03

    Interview w/ Jeffrey Wright - 15:34

    Interview w/ Bryan Andrew - 23:11

    Community - 38:18Spdi

  10. Shang-Chi’s Hollywood Premiere, Black Panther updates, Avengers, and more!

    Shang-Chi finally joins the MCU!! Also, Deathpool joins Marvel Strike Force and the War for Wakanda comes to Marvel’s Avengers!

    Ryan and Lorraine talk about some huge new comics, like Hawkeye: Kate Bishop, Darkhold, and the milestone Avengers #750! After that, Ryan and Lorraine sit down with WWE superstar Nikki A.S.H. to talk about her love for Storm and Rogue and why her name stands for “Almost a Super Hero”!

    News – 1:23

    Interview w/ Nikki A.S.H. – 14:04

    Community – 39:59


  11. What If…?, Marvel Toys, and Digital Collectibles!

    Galactus has arrived!! Two of the minds behind Haslab and Marvel Legends join us to talk about the big reveal and more. Plus, Gamora has arrived in Fortnite and we have a new cutscene from the Guardians of the Galaxy game!!

    And of course…Marvel Studios’ What If…? is finally out on Disney+, with new character posters and What If…Captain Carter Was The First Avenger? available to watch now.


    News – 1:42

    Interview w/ Dwight Stall and Jesse Falcon – 12:06

    Community – 52:02

  12. Spider-Man, What If, and Star-Lord Interview!

    It’s a big day for Spider-Man fans, with new Spidey and His Amazing Friends merch AND a 60th anniversary announcement!!

    Ryan and Lorraine also talk to Peter Quill himself - actor Timothy Busfield - about Marvel’s Wastelanders: Old Man Star-Lord! Plus, new comics, games announcements, and all of your favorite (or most upsetting) Marvel dystopias!

    News – 0:52

    Interview w/ Timothy Busfield – 8:52

    Community – 45:13

  13. Marvel Studios' Hawkeye Update, New Spidey Music, Taskmaster, and More!

    Ryan and Lorraine talk to Patrick Stump from Fall Out Boy about his love of comics (She-Hulk, Moon Knight, and of course, Spider-Man), his favorite super hero film scores, and writing the music for Marvel’s Spidey and His Amazing Friends on Disney Junior! (P.S. Stick around to hear a surprise BONUS interview from Marvel Studios’ Black Widow – Taskmaster herself, Olga Kurylenko!)

    Then, HUGE updates from Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings this week! Plus comics like Eternals and Luke Cage, prose novels, and a TON of games! And a massive congratulations to Marvel’s Eisner Award winners!

    News – 1:31

    Interview w/ Patrick Stump – 16:01

    Interview w/ Olga Kurylenko – 43:07

    Community – 52:09

  14. Loki Secrets, Galactus Unveiled, Black Widow, and More

    We peek behind the curtain of Marvel Studios’ Loki with the production designer, costume designer, and composer! Ryan and Lorraine also chat about the new ESPN documentary on incredible Black Widow stuntwoman Heidi Moneymaker.

    Plus, we talk about some huge announcements, like the upcoming Marvel’s Voices: Comunidades #1 and Marvel Legends Galactus – he’ll be the Largest. Figure. Ever! And, of course…Throg, Frog of Thunder!


    News – 0:33

    Interview w/ Kasra Farahani – 14:13

    Interview w/ Christine Wada – 31:45

    Interview w/ Natalie Holt – 45:30

    Community – 59:00

  15. Scarlett Johansson & Florence Pugh talk Black Widow! Plus Loki Finale!

    In a Black Widow extravaganza, we talk to stars Scarlett Johansson, Florence Pugh, David Harbour, AND director Cate Shortland! And, of course, Ryan and Lorraine chat about the huge season FINALE of Marvel Studios’ Loki on Disney+, character posters and must-haves.

    Plus, big things are happening in the world of toys this week, with new Funkos and LEGOS for Marvel Studios’ What If…? and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, and the Hasbro Fan First Friday for Marvel Legends! Plus… Marvel has a TikTok now!

    News – 1:03

    Interview w/ Scarlett Johansson and Florence Pugh – 20:42

    Interview w/ David Harbour – 29:44

    Interview w/ Cate Shortland – 44:35

    Community – 56:11


  16. Spider-Man: No Way Home Reveals, Guardians of the Galaxy Game, Loki in Fortnite!

    Marvel Studios’ Black Widow is finally HERE! And big things happened in Loki-land this week, from the penultimate episode of Marvel Studios’ Loki to Loki joining Fortnite. Ryan and Lorraine talk about that and all the new toys out this week, like the Marvel Legends M.O.D.O.K. World Domination Tour Pulse Con Exclusive Pack and a ton of new Spider-Man: No Way Home merch.

    They also talk to the minds behind the upcoming Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game and phone a friend to learn about Ultraman Day!


    News – 1:08

    Interview w/ Eric Monacelli & Mary DeMarle – 16:50

    Community – 51:55

  17. Black Widow Fan Event, Shang-Chi Trailer, and X-Men Updates!

    A Hellfire Gala extravaganza!! Ryan and Lorraine talk to Jordan White, senior editor for X-Men comics, about how we got to the Hellfire Gala, what happened there, and where our favorite mutants go now. Whether you’re brand-new to the X-Men or a long-time fan, this is the episode for you!

    Ryan and Lorraine also talk Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, Loki, the new trailer for Shang-Chi and The Legend of The Ten Rings, and a ton of upcoming comics and books!

    News – 1:46

    Interview w/ Jordan White – 19:09

    Community – 56:47

  18. Owen Wilson & Loki Creative Team, Fortnite, and More!

    Owen Wilson, director Kate Herron, and head writer Michael Waldron join Ryan and Lorraine to talk about Marvel Studios’ Loki in an episode teeming with mischief!

    The hosts also discuss the addition of Thanos to Fortnite, the return of Marvel’s Voices, and the opening of Disney’s Hotel New York: The Art of Marvel!


    News – 0:41

    Interview w/ Kate Herron – 16:47

    Interview w/ Michael Waldron – 30:29

    Interview w/ Owen Wilson – 42:11

    Community – 50:51

  19. M.O.D.O.K. Deep Dive, New Guardians Game, and More!

    Meet two of the minds behind Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. on Hulu, co-creator Jordan Blum and the voice of Jodie Tarleton, Aimee Garcia! Ryan and Lorraine also talk about the huge Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy game announcement and get excited about a ton of comics news – Venom #200, Ka-Zar: Lord of the Savage Land, Darkhold Alpha #1, and bunch of new titles up on Marvel Unlimited.


    News – 0:53

    Interview w/ Jordan Blum & Aimee Garcia – 17:38

    Community – 52:11

  20. Tom Hiddleston on Loki, E3, Avengers Campus, and PRIDE!

    Marvel Studios’ Loki has arrived and Loki himself, Tom Hiddleston, is here to talk about it! Ryan and Lorraine also chat about Avengers Campus, the Hellfire Gala, and the Eisner Awards nominations. To celebrate Pride Month, they highlight some favorite LGBTQ+ characters and storylines in comics and games. Plus, a special conversation with Maxwell Simkins, star of The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers!


    News – 1:05

    Interview w/ Tom Hiddleston – 24:07

    Interview w/ Maxwell Simkins – 39:36

    Community – 53:19

  21. Hulk, Moon Knight Casting, and Love and Thunder Updates!

    In a huge SMASH of an episode, Ryan and Lorraine give an exciting update about the Hulk comics and go back in time to talk about the 1978 TV series The Incredible Hulk with creator and executive producer Kenny Johnson!

    They also talk about the huge Moon Knight announcement, the premiere of Marvel Studios’ Loki, the arrival of the Hellfire Gala, and give an update on Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder. Plus, some games news from Future Revolution, Puzzle Quest, and Contest of Champions.

    And, of course, happy birthday, Tom Holland!


    News – 1:28

    Interview w/ Kenny Johnson – 21:03

    Community – 52:54

  22. 500th Special: Marvel Studios’ What If?!, Ms. Marvel, Games, Comics & more!

    Celebrate 500 episodes of TWIM with the biggest episode ever! Ryan and Lorraine talk about Marvel Studios’ What If?!, Ms. Marvel, Fortnight, and brand-new comics, podcasts, and games. Plus Marvel Studios’ Eternals has an amazing trailer out now, Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K is out on Hulu, and Loki has his own set of ears on! 

    In a record FOUR interviews, Ryan and Lorraine chat with a Marvel Studios executive, the Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, and learn all about the games and fiction podcasts on the horizon. 

    News – 6:50

    Interview w/ Brad Winderbaum- 19:55

    Interview w/ C.B. Cebulski- 36:04

    Interview w/ Tim Tsang and Eric Monacelli- 58:48

    Interview w/ Ellie Pyle- 1:22:44:00

    Community – 1:39:10:00

  23. M.O.D.O.K. ARRIVES! Plus Old Man Star-Lord, Loki, and More!

    Marvel’s M.O.D.O.K. is finally here! Hear updates on the Hulu animated series and on Marvel Studios’ Black Widow, Disney’s Hotel New York – The Art of Marvel and a LOT of huge comic news. Ryan and Lorraine also give a sneak peek of Marvel’s Wastelanders: Old Man Star Lord, the first series in a thrilling new audio epic featuring Rocket, Star Lord, Emma Frost, and more characters you know and love.


    Plus, a nostalgic conversation with X-Men: The Animated Series writer Julia Lewald and showrunner Eric Lewald! They talk about the iconic ‘90s show and their recent book X-Men: The Art and Making of the Animated Series.


    News – 2:33 

    Old Man Star-Lord Clip – 23:02

    Interview w/ Julia and Eric Lewald -26:09

    Community – 1:00:08

  24. Kang Announcement! Loki! Miles Morales! Oh My!

    This episode belongs to Kang! Ryan and Lorraine are thrilled to give you a TWIM-exclusive scoop on a brand new comic series featuring Kang the Conqueror! We’ve also got some exciting updates on the upcoming Marvel Studios’ Black Widow and Loki. Plus, in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the hosts share details about the recent announcement of Marvel’s Voices: Identity #1, which celebrates legendary Asian super heroes!

    Stick around for an interview with author Justin A. Reynolds about his work on the exciting new graphic novel, “Miles Morales: Shock Waves”! 

    News - 1:19
    Interview w/ Justin A. Reynolds - 18:17
    Community - 50:15

  25. Marvel Studios’ Eternals Footage, Phase 4 Announcements, and Hellfire Gala!

    Which MCU Phase 4 reveal has you most excited? New footage from Marvel Studios’ Eternals? The title announcement for Marvel Studios’ The Marvels? The promise of even more movies to come? It’s *almost* too much to handle.

    Ryan and Lorraine break down the explosive compilation video from Marvel Studios, celebrate Star Wars for May 4th, and dish on all the latest news (and there is a lot) about everything from the Hellfire Gala to Outlaw: Relentless.

    On top of all that, we’ve got more behind-the-scenes interviews from Marvel Studios’ The Falcon and The Winter Solider, this time with Director Kari Skogland and star Desmond Chiam.

    News – 2:22
    Interview w/ Kari Skogland – 20:01
    Interview w/ Desmond Chiam – 31:42
    Community – 51:29



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